Reverse iPhone Charging: Despite the delays, Apple is still working on it


Apple would be continuing its work to offer full support for bilateral wireless charging on iPhone, a function that has already been present on various Android-based smartphones for some time. According to reports from 9to5Mac, well-informed sources say that Apple had hoped to introduce this feature, which it has been working on for years, on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max but was unable to finalize the development in time for release. Despite this, Apple engineers are reportedly continuing the work in hopes of a future release.

The sources, however, do not exclude that reverse wireless charging on the iPhone could be further delayed or permanently set aside. To worry Apple engineers would be both heat dissipation and charging efficiency and in this regard there would be a “wireless power out” firmware in development which should allow better management of temperatures and faster charging speed.

Apple is also allegedly developing a dedicated user interface, similar to the one currently used for MagSafe chargers and accessories, which displays animations and emits sound effects when bilateral wireless charging is initiated. Fully implementing this feature could allow an iPhone to charge any Qi-enabled accessory. An example above all, the AirPods that could be recharged simply by placing them on the back of an iPhone.

Although it has never been officially stated, Apple has already integrated the necessary hardware for reverse charging into the iPhone and the MagSafe battery, which arrived on the market in 2021, proves it. Connecting a Lightning cable to an iPhone that has a MagSafe battery attached will recharge it by receiving energy from the smartphone, just like a wireless charging pad.

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