Revealed the price of the Google Pixel Tablet, and there is no good news exactly

Revealed the price of the Google Pixel Tablet, and there is no good news exactly
revealed the price of the google pixel tablet, and there

Revealed the price of the Google Pixel Tablet, and there is no good news exactly

Everything points to the PixelTablet It will go on sale this June, after a long wait in which the Mountain View company has made it clear that it wants this to be a model that offers advanced use with many options for the home. One of the things that was not known about this model is its price, something that has just changed… and things confirm what was expected: it won’t be especially cheap.

It has been shared information about this detail of the Pixel Tablet and some more details regarding the product that Google would already have prepared. Thus, for example, everything indicates that the team will have two models that will differ, among other things, by the space of storage that offers. These will be the initial options: 128GB and 256GB.

This will be the price of the Pixel Tablet

Very important in this section: the tablet will not be much more affordable than most of the Apple and Samsung tablets that exist today. Thus, from the source of the information it is indicated that the range will be between 600 and 650 euros to change (it will probably be cheaper in the US, something that is becoming the norm lately in some manufacturers due to tariffs).

Are adequate prices? Well, if you take into account that the 64GB iPad mini with the A15 Bionic chip processor costs €649 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and 128GB reaches €699, well, the truth is that it is in that line . Therefore, the team will have to compete with them in other sections to stand out.

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Back of Google Pixel Tablet tab

An example will be called Charging Speaker Dock, which will perform the double function of charging the tablet and transforming it into a smart screen – everything indicates that it is included in the price, but it is not confirmed. Of course, it remains to be seen if this is enough, since everything will depend on the functionalities that it adds to the tablet (as long as it is not a separate accessory, which would change the perception about it).

Some more details of this tablet

According to the data available, the Pixel Tablet will be available in four colors, including the grey/green and white/beige variants that Google already showed us a while ago. Also, the processor it is quite clear that it will be a Tensor G2 and it will probably have 8GB of RAM, so performance should be smooth, but not market leading.

In addition, it is expected that the screen of this equipment from the Pixel range is of 10.95 inches and you will not lack support for the use of stylus. In any case, doubts will be completely clear on May 10 at the Google I / O event where this tablet will be officially shown.