Revealed several features that will come to iOS 17, and there is good news

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If you have an Apple iPhone, surely you are already thinking about the news that is expected for iOS 17. Well, a list of advances has been made known that will be part of the new version of Apple’s operating system for its iPhone phones. And, the truth is that there is good news because all the good things that were expected are being confirmed. The main objective of the firm with the bitten apple is to optimize both the performance and the stability of the iOS operating system. This is not a great novelty, since it is the objective of all companies that develop operating systems. But, in this case, it should be noted that the idea is that the operation of the new iteration of the work we are talking about works as well as possible with the older models of Apple smartphones (as long as they maintain compatibility). The main lines in the improvements of iOS 17 The functions of the Dynamic Island are expected to be extended to all four iPhone 15 models this year. The source in this regard said that it will be able to “do much more” in iOS 17, without giving further details. The truth is that this element needs to be revitalized, since it has gone from being something completely new to being considered as something merely accessory where you can see the results of the NBA or the share price. Apple has to move forward here, and it seems that this is the intention. Another of the improvements will be advances in the design and customization of the Control Center. This tool has had a similar appearance since iOS 11, it seems that it can receive a redesign and, in addition, increase its use options. In addition, additional options for notifications and always-on display are also expected. The Camera and Health apps will see significant interface changes, and a significant number of new ARKit frameworks, as Apple prepares to release its rumored AR/VR headset later this year (we’ll see if it’s finally announced at WWDC). of 2023). It even seems that Apple is working so that the new version of iOS allows the use of interactive widgets on the home screen, something that could be very important in terms of usability. An interesting arrival This would be the appearance of Ease of Access Mode, it would allow users to replace the current lock screen and home screen with more accessible UI elements, remove the app bar, and set much larger app icons in between. other things. Other changes in iOS 17 will include more focus filters and improvements to the Wallet app for use as a car key. Apple is expected to announce iOS 17 during the WWDC 2023 keynote on June 5 and, as usual, the first beta version should be available to developers for testing that same day. >

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