Revealed a new function that the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 will have, and it will be amazing

Revealed a new function that the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 will have, and it will be amazing
revealed a new function that the samsung galaxy watch6 will

samsung next month it will launch the new smart watch on the market Galaxy Watch6. And as usual, the new functions of this accessory with Wear OS have already appeared. The company itself has made it clear what will be one of the news And although they have avoided mentioning the specific name of the device, the words chosen make it clear that these are improvements in recognizing physical activity.

On this occasion, Samsung aims to improve heart rate monitoring and, in this way, offer users better cardiovascular health information. To this end, the company has obtained new authorizations to expand the functions to detect and notify an irregular status of the information in its devices -as long as they have ECG and blood pressure monitoring-.

An arrival date that makes things very clear

With this improvement, the Korean firm seeks to help users detect and track abnormal heart rhythms, thus providing more information about their heart health. According to Samsung itself, the irregular heart rhythm notification feature is expected to be available for the first time on upcoming Galaxy Watch devices equipped with One UI 5 Watch, throughout this same year.

This data clearly points towards the Galaxy Watch6, since no other new watch models using the indicated software have been announced. This feature promises to be one of the most outstanding novelties of the devicebecause it will offer users the ability to monitor their heart rate more accurately.


The expansion of these functions will be an important advance for Samsung, since it gives users the possibility to control key indicators health right from your wrist. The combination of ECG monitoring, blood pressure and new notifications will make the Galaxy Watch 6 a very useful tool when it comes to health.

A major breakthrough for Samsung

The company highlights the importance of this function for users, since they can be detect heart problems quickly and early. By keeping a continuous track of this information, dangerous deviations can be identified in time, allowing the search for appropriate medical attention.

In addition to the indicated improvement, the Galaxy Watch6 is expected to offer other improvements, such as a more powerful processor and, almost certainly, the return of a circular bezel to this model. In just a month, we will leave doubts.


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