Rest easy, WhatsApp will not have advertising

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The rumor has spread uncontrollably and a large number of people have begun to worry: did WhatsApp have the intention to introduce advertising? That’s what was said. But now Meta denies the information and questions the news published by a well-known financial newspaper. It’s time to relax!

How many years has Meta been keeping WhatsApp running without having an apparent monetization path? It has been talked about on countless occasions about how advertising could be the solution to having one of the most used apps in the world and not “get rich” with it. But Mark Zuckerberg’s company has always made it clear that placing advertising in WhatsApp statuses or anywhere else was not its objective. And no matter how much you have heard the rumor in the last few hours, we can tell you clearly: it isn’t true.

Advertising is not an option

The decisions that Meta has made in many cases for their businesses may seem better or worse to you, but it cannot be said that they are doing a bad job with WhatsApp. The truth is that it is surprising that the entity has not been carried away by the greed of a service that is used daily by more than 2 billion users. Can you imagine how difficult it must be resist advertising in an app that would clearly bring them millions of revenue if they did it? It has to be very hard.

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Will Cathcart


This @FT story is false. We aren’t doing this.

Also it looks like you misspelled Brian’s name…

September 15, 2023 • 18:02



But Meta has always said the same thing: that They will not resort to that advertising system. Instead, what they are doing is monetizing through WhatsApp Business, which seems to us to be a very wise decision, since this way they do not affect users.

Let’s not think that they don’t make money

All related to WhatsApp Business It usually remains in the background because it does not affect the average citizen. But we can tell you that, clearly, it is a business that works well for Meta and with which it achieves a good volume of income. The entity makes companies have to pay for this service and, currently, they have 200 million monthly users who use it.

In addition, what Meta is doing is improving and completing the functions that they make available to companies that work with this professional version of WhatsApp. They increasingly offer them more possibilities to do business using the messaging application and that translates into greater volume of paying users. No less important, Meta recently announced an increase in the costs of the service they provide to companies, so it can be clearly seen that they know how to manage the app so that it can continue to exist as we know it.

Even recent features, such as the launch of channels, provide an additional touch of possibilities for those businesses that rely on WhatsApp Business to publicize or even market your products and creations. Another resource that is increasingly used is the Click to Message function, with which companies can direct users to directly start conversations with their service, which can result in an increase in their sales. For Meta, one of the priorities right now is to get more out of these systems and make them more commonly used.

But what is very clear is that advertising is not what they are thinking about. The rumor that appeared A few hours ago I pointed out that WhatsApp would have ads in the conversation lists on the main screen of the tool. It was said that the company was carrying out tests with the aim of evaluating whether to introduce this system. But already yesterday it sounded quite strange, since Meta has been very clear in the past about what it thinks about putting advertising in this application. Today we can breathe easy again.

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