Resident Evil Village: expansion with Rose Winters lasts about 4 hours

Update (22/09/2022) – GS

At the end of October, we will see the release of the Shadows of Rose DLC for Resident Evil Village, which as revealed by director Kento Kinoshita, will bring the Winters family story to a close.

In a new interview, the director revealed that the expansion lasts around four hours, making it one of the biggest and most ambitious story expansions ever seen in the Resident Evil series.

Kinoshita also reveals that on her journey to Dimitrescu Castle, Rose will discover new locations besides this castle where her father spent some of the most terrifying moments of his life. As usual, he didn’t go into much detail on what that means, but fans are certainly looking forward to the expansion’s release.

In addition to the Shadow of Rose expansion, the new DLC will also feature the Mercenaries multiplayer mode, where it will be possible to play with great heroes and villains of the franchise, including the stunning Alcina Dimitrescu.

So, what did you think of this runtime for the DLC?

Original text – 09/20/2022

Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose will end the Winters family arc

Resident Evil Village’s new story DLC will arrive in october 28. Titled Shadows of Rose, it will last four hours and conclude the Winters family arc in the Japanese survival horror franchise.

During the Tokyo Game Show in an interview with the website IGN Japan, director Kento Kinoshita brought more details about the expansion.

When asked what Resident Evil fans can expect for the upcoming chapters, producer Masachika Kawata just smiled and said he couldn’t reveal anything about the future at the moment.

The Winters family consists of Ethan, the protagonist of Resident Evil VII and Village, his wife Mia and daughter Rose. In the post-credits scene of the latest title, Rose is a teenager and works with Chris Redfield.

The expansion is also expected to bring new information about Ethan’s whereabouts. To avoid spoilers, we’ll just say that an event at the end of the Village could have fooled everyone.

According to Capcom’s description, Rose will look for a way to get rid of the curse of her powers and enter the consciousness of “Methamycete”, finding a girl like her. As she explores this mysterious realm beyond time and space, she will be guided by an entity named Michael who will be able to help her remove her powers for good.

The Winters Expansion will also include a third-person mode, which will allow players to see protagonist Ethan during the game instead of taking a first-person perspective, and it will also be possible to play as Lady Dimitrescu.