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Resident Evil 4 Remake: Leak indicates that the game could also be released on another platform

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Update (28/09/2022) – GS

In its participation in the Tokyo Game Show, Capcom took the opportunity to announce that the remake of Resident Evil 4 will also be released for the PS4, which made many disappointed with the fact that the Sony console will be the only one of the last generation. to receive the release.

Fortunately, a recent leak seems to have contradicted this information. A new listing for the game on Xbox One has appeared on Amazon’s website. This version appears to be compatible with Xbox’s Smart Delivery program, meaning the Xbox One and Xbox Series versions of the game are the same. So far, Capcom has not confirmed the veracity of this leak, but considering the game is up for pre-order on Amazon this way, the information certainly seems correct.

Anyway, it wouldn’t make much sense for Capcom to release the game only on PS4, even if it only confirmed it for Sony’s platform. For some reason, the developer chose to omit the release for Microsoft’s older console.

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It is worth remembering that in October, we will have the Resident Evil Showcase, which will have more news about the remake. With this, we can finally have confirmation of the launch on Xbox One.

So, is the rumor correct?

Update (06/03/2022) – GS

After many rumors, leaks and waiting, Capcom has finally announced the long-awaited remake of Resident Evil 4, one of the most acclaimed games in the franchise.

During this week’s PlayStation State of Play, the developer released the first teaser for the game, showing the iconic Leon S. Kennedy in search of Ashley Graham, daughter of the President of the United States. On his journey through a macabre village in Spain, Leon comes across horrifying creatures, born through infection with a parasite known as “Las Plagas”.

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The Resident Evil 4 remake preserves the essence of the original while taking advantage of Capcom’s proprietary RE Engine, delivering modernized gameplay, reimagined storyline and vividly detailed graphics. Resident Evil 4 is scheduled for release in March 24, 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam.

Resident Evil 4 takes place six years after Leon S. Kennedy’s hellish experience in the biological disaster of Raccoon City. Because of his unparalleled determination, Leon was recruited as an agent under the direct orders of the President of the United States. With a history of multiple missions under his belt, the agent is sent to rescue the president’s recently kidnapped daughter. Leon follows the clues to a remote village in Europe, however, after making the first contact, he realizes that the local population is gripped by an unusual fervor.

Now, this reimagined story of survival in the face of absolute terror returns to deliver a stunningly visual, modern gameplay experience that’s true to the promise of the original game.

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So, what did you think of the trailer?

Resident Evil 4 Remake to be announced soon and adopt a scarier tone

Capcom’s next remake could be very close to being announced. Resident Evil 4 Remake promises to make several changes from the original to adopt a scarier tone.

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Last week, Resident Evil 4 fans released a high definition remaster of the game.

According to information from Fanbyte, Capcom decided to adjust the tone of the game, instead of making a version that would be almost the same as the original. This corroborates leaks from last year that claimed that the developer changed the direction of the project in order to make significant changes to the game.

The game’s development would be experiencing problems due to disagreements between Capcom and the creative direction team, which, contrary to the developer’s desire, wanted to make a title completely based on the original, but that included some elements from recent remakes, such as Tyrant Mr. . X.

The new information reports that one of the elements that will differ in the Remake is the opening snippet. Apparently, it will take place at night, as well as much of the entire game. The intention would be to increase the horror atmosphere by taking inspiration from the discarded demos of Resident Evil 4.

For those who don’t remember, Resident Evil 4 would originally have elements such as spirits, possessions and dolls with a life of their own.

The narrative may also have undergone significant changes to give greater prominence to secondary characters. In addition, the Assignment: Ada and Separate Ways campaigns, which showed how spy Ada Wong worked together with megalomaniac villain Albert Wesker, should be combined into a single, more robust and complete adventure.

Resident Evil 4 is considered one of Capcom’s most acclaimed games. According to Metacritic, the game has a rating of 96, the company’s highest on the platform, and has sold more than 10.4 million copies since its launch in 2005.

It is also cited by many as one of the most influential games in the industry in 2000, with its shoulder-view point having inspired a legion of third-person games to date.

Reportedly, Resident Evill Village was the most completed title by players in 2021.

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