“Rescue in a cave in Thailand”: Netflix released the first trailer for the docudrama from a perspective never told before

the giant of streaming has released the first trailer for its original Thai miniseries Rescue in a cave in Thailand (Thai Cave Rescue). ORA docudrama about the incredible story of the rescue of the Wild Boars children’s soccer team, which captured the world’s attention in 2018.

This story is told from an unprecedented perspective: that of the boys trapped there. Shot in Thailand, Rescue in a cave in Thailand It is told from the local perspective. “It features exclusive statements from young soccer players and shows their experiences at the limit of human endurance; in addition to the experiences of their relatives and the enormous global device that joined forces to save them”; This is how the platform itself details it.

Official poster for “Thailand Cave Rescue”. (Netflix)

Its first trailer shows the fear that the boys faced when the cave fills with water, as well as the magnitude of the rescue operation that the international team faced in their race against time and against the elements. At the end of it, a voice is heard saying: “Once my mother told me: ‘Courage is not not being afraid. It’s being afraid but getting ahead’”.

To develop Rescue in a cave in Thailand, Netflix has collaborated with filmmakers from Thailand and abroad to produce colossal work that makes a difference to other stories on screen than this one. The series is a limited production of six episodes with a premiere date for September 22 globally.

First images of "Rescue in a cave in Thailand".  (Netflix)
First images of “Rescue in a cave in Thailand”. (Netflix)

Rescue in a cave in Thailand features an extensive Thai cast led by Papangkorn ‘Beam’ Lerkchaleampote (Coach Eak), Thaneth ‘Ek’ Warakulnukroh (Narongsak Osottanakorn, Governor of Chiang Rai Province), and Urassaya ‘Yaya’ Sperbund beside Manatsanun ‘Donut’ Phanlerdwongsakul in the roles of Kelly and Pim, two fictional characters who represent the hydraulic engineers and forest rangers who made the heroic rescue possible. Likewise, Supakorn ‘Tok’ Kitsuwan also stars in the cast as Saman ‘Ja Sam’ Gunan, a submariner in the Thai Navy, while Bloom Varin plays Colonel Bhak Loharjun, a military doctor; among others.

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“Rescue in a cave in Thailand is the first opportunity for the public around the world to see the history of Tham Luang in a new and more emotional light because it focuses on the perspectives of the twelve Wild Boards, Coach Eak and heroes like Saman ‘Ja San’ Gunanwhose lives beyond the rescue operation are very little known”. The above was expressed by the director and executive producer Baz Poonpiriya, in an official statement from the platform. He also expressed that he was very proud of this opportunity to tell the stories behind the faces and names that the world has had the opportunity to know during that event.

"Thailand Cave Rescue" is the untold story directed by Baz Poonpiriya, Kevin Tancharoen and Jon M. Chu.  (Netflix)
“Thailand Cave Rescue” is the untold story directed by Baz Poonpiriya, Kevin Tancharoen and Jon M. Chu. (Netflix)

Rescue in a cave in Thailand is one of several film projects that tackle this impressive chronicle. For example, there is the film version of Ron Howard, thirteen livesstarring Viggo Mortensen, Colin Farrell Y Joel Edgertonwhich had a limited release in August before its streaming release on Prime Video. Another indie version called The Cavepremiered at the Busan International Film Festival in 2019 and a documentary, The Rescueaired on National Geographic in 2021.