Replying to an email in Gmail as if it were a WhatsApp chat is now possible: chat responses are starting to arrive

replying to an email in gmail as if it were.webp.webp.webp
replying to an email in gmail as if it were.webp.webp.webp

If you open a message in your Gmail email on your mobile and notice something different when you go to reply to it, it is quite possible that you already have the chat responseswith a style similar to that of any messaging application.

Until now, viewing a Gmail email served only that purpose, to view emails. If you wanted to respond to it, you had to press the button Reply and compose the message in a new windowsomething that no longer happens with the new style of responses that is now reaching users.

Respond to emails as if they were WhatsApp

In November of last year we learned that Google was working on a redesign for Gmail that brought a new style for message responses, integrated directly into the message view itself. Now, this renewal is beginning to be activated for users.

With this new design, we are going to meet a bar to respond message at the end of an email preview, instead of having the buttons Reply, Answer everyone and Reen


The old interface for composing a reply (left) and the new one, as a reply bar (right)

If you use Gmail on the web, the system is quite similar with the only difference that in the web version the buttons still appear, instead of the bar, but with the same advantage of be able to read the original message while writing the replysomething that was previously possible only to a certain extent, with the quoted text not always being able to be read correctly.

And where are the options for reen

By the way, if you prefer to have a whole screen to write your message, as before, you can still have it. He expand buttonto the right of the writing box, maximizes the box, making the experience similar to before.

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