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Repairing the screens of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Flip3 will cost less than their predecessors

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Samsung’s new folding cartridges are impressive in many ways, and the company has focused on making them as sturdy as possible – but sometimes accidents do happen. The Verge has now published how much it costs to replace the screen on a Z Flip3 or Z Fold3 in case something should happen to it. Outside of warranty, fixing the interior folding screen on a Z Fold3 costs $ 479. Doing the same with a Z Flip3 costs $ 369. Luckily, external displays are much less expensive – fixing a broken exterior display will cost you $ 149 for the Fold3 and $ 99 for the Flip3.


In the case of traditional, non-folding phones, there is usually the option of repairing the screen yourself, which can end up costing less than if the manufacturer does. However, in the case of the new Samsung folding, this will not be easy. That said, although the prices are higher than those for traditional phone repairs, Samsung is charging less than before. According to the Samsung site, replacing the interior screen of the Z Fold2 costs 549 dollars (565 euros in Spain) and that of the Z Flip 5G costs 499 dollars (510 euros).

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