Renew your printer and get up to nine months of ink with HP Instant Ink

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hp instant ink campana 1 1000x600.jpg

It’s back to school and it’s likely that you already have everything ready. You have bought a new laptop to work, or study, at full speed, and you have at hand all the materials you need to get back to the routine with guarantees. This is all great, right?but what about the printer, Do you plan to return to the routine with that obsolete model that makes you think twice every time you have to print due to its high printing cost?

You may think that buying a new printer is expensive, that you need to make a large investment and that in the end it will not be a significant improvement because printing will continue to represent a significant expense. If you share that idea, we can tell you that you are totally wrong, and that it is clear that you do not know HP Instant Ink, a home ink replenishment service that has marked a revolution in the world of printing.

To celebrate going back to school, HP has opened an interesting promotion that will allow us renovate our printer for little money and completely forget about ink. By buying a new HP printer compatible with HP+ we can get up to nine months of ink with HP Instant Ink Servicewhich means that we will enjoy:

HP Instant Ink

  • Automated service: the printer will monitor ink levels for you, ordering new cartridges when needed.
  • Home delivery and free of charge: You will receive all the ink cartridges you need at your doorstep.
  • All the ink we need to print the pages included with our plan, and without any cost during that promotion of up to nine months of free ink.
  • Recycling program included totally freewhich we can use to recycle all the ink cartridges that we spend.
  • Total flexibility, since we can change plans at any time, both up and down.

Thanks to this promotion we will also be able to amortize the purchase of our new printer almost instantly. Imagine, for example, that you opt for an HP ENVY Inspire 7220e multifunction, which has an average price of 125 euros. If you choose the professional printing plan to enjoy a free six-month subscription to HP Instant Ink you will have saved a total of 149.94 euros, more than what the printer cost you.

As we said, with some printers it is possible to get up to nine months of ink with HP Instant Ink, so the savings we would obtain would be even greater. The HP OfficeJet Pro 9014e is one of the models that includes nine months of ink with the HP Instant Ink service, and is priced at approximately 189 euros now that it is on sale. If we take advantage of those nine months to enjoy the printing plan of 700 pages per month at the end of the promotion we will have saved 224.91 euros, more than the printer cost us.

After those six months of HP Instant Ink subscription end you can decide what you want to do. You can continue to sign up for the plan that best suits your needs or you can unsubscribe, although we are convinced that when you discover the advantages it offers you will prefer to keep your subscription active, because with HP Instant Ink you will be able to print in color at price of black and white, you will never have to worry about ink and you will not have to think twice before printing.

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