Renew your phone while spending less with Hubside.Store!

Do you want to change your phone, but you are panicked by the prices offered? How to become the owner of the latest iPhone or Samsung model without emptying your bank account? With Hubside.Store, it's simple!

Do you want to stay at the cutting edge of technology without having to invest a large sum of money in a device upfront? It’s time to get a new one with Hubside.Store ‘s “ buy back ”  service !

At Hubside.Store, we exchange your old phone for a newer model

The “  buy back  ” service is a subscription offered by Hubside.Store, the specialist in the sale of refurbished multimedia products and services to boost your purchasing power, which allows you to regularly renew your smartphone or other digital products – tablets, computers – among the biggest brands, against a more recent model, at a lower cost because the costs are spread over several months. Don’t throw away your old phones anymore: your original device is taken back without depreciation and replaced by a new or reconditioned device by the Hubside.Store teams.


Buy back at Hubside.Store, how does it work?

The principle is ultra simple: the customer has the choice between three options ranging from 9.99 euros to 59.99 euros. After three or six months depending on the formula chosen, the brand takes back the old phone or other digital products for the most recent model, new or reconditioned according to your preference. Technology is evolving rapidly, you and several members of your family (depending on the plan chosen) can now benefit from it at the best price!

So every year, you can benefit from the latest smartphone model without having to spend too much money. Let’s imagine that you buy an iPhone 14. You can associate a ” buy back ” subscription with it and have it resumed three or six months later depending on your plan against an iPhone 15 without depreciation and without additional cost. No more waiting to have the device of your dreams!

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Once you have purchased the offer in store, you can:

  • check the general condition of your device then make your request by telephone, by mail, or in store;
  • send it to our teams according to the terms specified in advance or drop it off in store;
  • receive your new phone, guaranteed for 24 months, by mail or in store.

Your old device will be reconditioned in France at the Hubside.Recycle technical center and personal data will be deleted.