Remote kissing device goes viral after going on sale in China

Currently, there are more and more tools that facilitate communication in the context of a long-distance love relationship. However, due to the cold nature of these instances, it is natural that the people involved continue to miss the traditional displays of affection, typical of physical contact.

Addressing this need, a Chinese company developed a device that allows physical kisses to be sent from a distance, drawing the attention of Internet users and opening the space for an interesting debate.

Kisses from a distance, through a device connected to the mobile

This invention, patented by Changzhou Vocational Institute of Mechatronic Technology, was designed with a physical silicone interface that conforms to the shape of human lips. In addition, it has sensors and actuators that detect and replicate the movement and shape of your lover’s lips. Furthermore, the device can even detect the temperature of the wearer’s lips and adjust the silicone surface to replicate heat.

The device also comes with an integrated microphone and speaker combo, allowing you to hear the sounds your loved one makes while kissing you. To use the device, it is simply necessary to download the corresponding application on the mobile and connect the “remote kissing” device to the USB port of the phone.

This invention has generated quite a stir on Chinese social networks, with many users fascinated by the possibility of facilitating love at a distance, while others have also criticized the device as vulgar and unromantic. Despite the mixed reactions, posts related to the device have racked up hundreds of millions of views in a single week.

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In today’s highly digitized context, in which long-distance relationships are increasingly common, it is to be expected that people are looking for ways to maintain emotional and physical connection with their loved ones. However, it is also important to remember that love and emotional connection are not limited to physical displays and that there are many other ways to show love and affection from a distance, which can vary depending on each couple’s needs and preferences.

This device, not without controversy, in addition to being a possible useful solution for those who are in long-distance relationships and find relief from nostalgia in this way, is also having a use with another approach. From within the gadget’s own app, people can anonymously match up with strangers, using the app’s “kissing plaza” feature. If a couple of strangers match and like each other, they can request a telematic kiss exchange.

This “remote kissing” device, available for 288 yuan, a price that is close to 39 euros, can be an interesting solution for those who are looking for ways to maintain the physical and emotional connection in a long-distance relationship. Although it has generated controversy, the fact that it has generated so much interest indicates that there is a demand for long-distance love solutions.