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Releases that arrive at Disney + in March 2023: all the series and movies

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As usual, one of the first platforms that shows its cards for the new month that arrives, in what has to do with the contents, is Disney+. This service has already made official what it currently has programs to release on March 2023 and, the truth is that there are options that are really striking.

There is no doubt that the best of all the platform’s commitment is the arrival of the third season of The Mandalorian. This creation, which is a success, has to maintain the level to be what every good fan of Star Wars wanted for the films after the first trilogy that have been decreasing in intensity and quality one after another (thanks, Jon Favreau) . Both Din and Grogu return to the screen to rid themselves of all who are after them and to show what life is like as a bounty hunter in a galaxy far, far away. Its premiere is on March 1, let’s go at nothing.

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What we are going to highlight among the films that premiere on Disney + is the one entitled The Boston Strangler that arrives on March 17 at the service we are talking about. The theme of the film, well, it does not have much mystery as it is easy to understand. The vision is from the point of view of the journalist Loretta McLaughlin (played by Keira Knightley), who was the one who related the different murders. The prevailing sexism of the time will be seen with a good dose of tension. Be careful with the excellent interpretation of Carrie Coon, that every time she puts herself in front of a camera, it embroiders it. We think this is a creation you shouldn’t miss.

The rest of the premieres on Disney + for March 2023

Next, we leave the rest of the options that you can enjoy as a premiere on the well-known platform, both in what has to do with the series and in the movies. This is what you should not miss:


  • Abbot College: Season Two Premieres March 1
  • The cry of the butterflies: premieres of the first season of March 8
  • Fleishman in Distress: Season One Premieres March 10
  • Grandpa and Ex-Con: Season 1 premieres March 15
  • Up Here: season one premieres March 24
  • Kinship: Season One Premieres March 29


  • Amazonas: limit territory: premiere on March 15


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