Releases that arrive at Disney + in June 2023: all the series and movies

Releases that arrive at Disney + in June 2023: all the series and movies
releases that arrive at disney + in june 2023: all

As usual, the first platform that has revealed the content that it will offer as premieres in the month of June 2023 is Disney +. We show you what is most striking among all the series and movies that come to this service that has licenses that are very important, such as Marvel and Star Wars.

Among the series that come to Disney +, the one we think you should see is secret invasion. This creation, whose protagonist is Nick Fury (yes, the one from the Avengers) has as its narrative an invasion that the earth receives by the Skrull and that it has to stop before there is no option left. Characters like Maria Hill return and, the truth is that it is ideal for lovers of action and the MCU universe. It opens on June 21 according to the platform itself.

There is no doubt, the best thing you can see as a movie on the platform is Avatar: The Sense of Water, which arrives on June 7 to the contents of Disney +. It follows in the footsteps of a young warrior named Aang, who is the last survivor of the Air Nomads. He embarks on a quest to master the element of water, along with his loyal friends Katara and Sokka. As they explore new territory and face dangerous challenges, they discover an ancient underwater city and encounter powerful waterbenders. They face the threat of the Fire Nation, which seeks to destroy the balance of the four elements. Excellent aesthetics and wonderful effects will make you have a fantastic time in front of the TV.

Other premieres on Disney + for June 2023

We leave you a list with the options that the planned service currently has that are released in the month that is close to beginning. As you will see, there are all kinds of options and, with total security, you will find something that catches your attention:


  • Saint X: premiere of the first season on June 7
  • Father Made in USA: premiere of the ninth season on June 7
  • Abbott College: premiere of the last part of the second season on June 14
  • Great Expectations: Season One Premieres June 28


  • Flamin’ Hot: The Story of the Spicy Cheetos: Releases June 7
  • Stan Lee, a centennial legend: premiere on June 16
  • 548 days: Captured by a sect: premiere on June 30


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