Releases that arrive at Disney + in December 2022: all the series and movies

Releases that arrive at Disney + in December 2022: all the series and movies

In a short time the month of December 2022 arrives and, generally, it is a time of the year in which you rarely leave home because the weather does not usually accompany you. If you have an account on the platform Disney+we are going to show you the premieres that the company has planned (in the absence of any final surprise) and that will allow you to have a good time in the lounge chair.

One of the creations that we believe you should not miss this month on the platform we are talking about is the series The Quest: Beyond the Story. The opening day is December 14 and it is an adventure in which the protagonist, with a special gift for solving problems. This case has in its hands the place where a hidden treasure could be and you will be able to enjoy everything that happens until you know if it is so. Very close to the films starring Nicolas Cage, it promises to be very entertaining.

The rest of the premieres on Disney + in December 2022

Below we list the movies and series that arrive at this VOD service during the month in which Christmas is celebrated. The truth is that, without being many, there is everything to be sure that you can have fun without having to be cold in the street. They are the following:


  • The last one: a series that shows how it is possible to face destiny in an active way and with all kinds of surprises. It opens on December 2 and its bill for photography is quite interesting.
  • The Walking Dead: the latest installment of this series that has marked an era and that will generate a large number of spin-offs with different characters will be released on December 21. We will see how many remain of the initial group that became known more than ten years ago.


  • The Legend of Greg: Rodrick’s Law: a new installment of this famous character taken from a series of books and in this case, the action focuses on the protagonist’s relationship with his brother. Premiere on December 2.
  • Look how they run: an ideal movie to have a good time and that is set in the 50s, the story puts two investigators in the case of their lives and that will lead them to very compromising situations. Premiere on December 7.
  • Night at the Museum: The return of Kahmunrah: this creation arrives on December 9 in which what is in a museum comes to life again. On this occasion, the Egyptian world comes to break the tranquility that reigns in Nick Daley’s workplace. Premiere on December 9 and is perfect to see with the family.
  • Amsterdam: three friends find themselves in the middle of a secret plot that could completely tear the United States apart. A mixture of love, tradition and adventure, the cast is very good (Margot Robbie is sensational again) and there are such well-known faces as Christian Bale, Zoe Saldana and Mike Mayers. Premiere on December 28.