Releases coming to Prime Video in May 2023: all series and movies

Releases coming to Prime Video in May 2023: all series and movies
releases coming to prime video in may 2023: all series

The platform Prime Videowhich is owned by Amazon, has announced the most interesting thing that it plans to release in the month of may 2023. We are going to show you so that you can write down everything that may be interesting to you among the movies and series that are new to the VOD service we are talking about.

If you like series that mixes action and horror, you’re in luck, as Prime Video has a new option that might catch your eye. The premiere can be seen from May 26 and has the name The Gryphon. You will find the story of three teenagers who do not fit well in the place where they live and who, by chance, discover the story of a monster that ends the worlds called Griffon. Fiction becomes reality and problems will occur that, if not resolved, will end their acquaintances and even everything they know. And, all this, inside La Torre Negra, which will be the nerve center of the plot. If this creation has something, it is that it is entertaining and quite enjoyable, so do not hesitate to give it a try.

The most interesting movie that you can enjoy as a premiere on the Amazon platform is Even the mother of Mother’s Day! It is a comedy that manages to hook almost everyone, since the mixture of two families that could not be more different makes a couple on the verge of a nervous breakdown (and that their relationship is not going through the best possible moment ). Many funny moments that even make you think get many to put themselves in the shoes of the protagonists… and this will make the affection towards them appear. It opens on May 5 and is an option that can be entertaining for almost the whole family.

More premiere for May 2032 on Prime Video

We leave you a list with all new options that are notable on the platform and, therefore, you will be able to have good control of what you want to see when you are at home enjoying the contents of this Amazon service.


  • The Ferragnez: season two premiere on May 18
  • Paranoia Agent: premiere of the first season on May 26

It must be remembered in this section that every week there are premieres of the series Citadelone of Prime Video’s great bets for this year 2023, so do not miss each new installment in the month of May 2023.


  • Halloween Kids: premiere on May 4
  • Irati: premiere on May 5
  • Lewandowski: The Unknown: Premiere May 15
  • Devotion: A Tale of Heroes: Premiere May 19
  • Twin Melody phenomenon: premiere on May 26