Releases coming to Netflix in March 2023: all the series and movies

The streaming video platform, which is the world leader in users, has already revealed what it has prepared for those who have a user to have fun in the March 2023. We show you both the series and the movies that we believe you should not miss in Netflix when you are quietly in the chair at home.

One of the series that is worthwhile among all those that are released is the night agent. We are talking about a police creation of a lifetime that is quite tense, since there is action constantly. Everything centers on an FBI agent who leads a very dull life until a call changes everything with a plot where the White House has a lot to say. It opens on March 23 and is a good way to have a fun time with the whole family.

On March 10, a film arrives on Netflix that for many may be a very positive surprise, but which is based on a fantastic series from a few years ago. We talk about Luther: Night falls, which maintains Idris Elba as the protagonist, we will see if he is in one of those interpretations in which he embroiders it or in which he goes very unnoticed. Once again, the detective who is the protagonist has to solve a case where brutality is very present. Of course, to achieve this he will have to suffer a lot. A highly recommended option.

All Netflix releases in March 2023

Next, we leave the list of everything important that is released on the streaming video service we are talking about and that, as usual, the amount is really high both in series and in movies. This is what you should not miss:

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  • Masameer County: Season 1 premiere on March 2
  • What a trap! Sicilian Murder Mystery: First Season Premiere March 2
  • Sex/Life: Season 2 premieres March 2
  • Shin, Divorce Lawyer: First Season Premiere March 4
  • You: premiere of the second part of the fourth season on March 9
  • Frog Naidu: season one premiere on March 10
  • The glory: premiere of the second part on March 10
  • Shadow and bone: premiere of the second season on March 16
  • Up to Heaven: The Series: First Season Premiere March 17
  • Agent Elvis: premiere of the first season on March 17
  • Sinfonía Azul: premiere of the first season on March 17
  • Invisible City: season two premiere on March 22
  • The empty kingdom: premiere of the second season on March 22
  • Invisible: season one premieres March 29
  • Full Healthy Living: Season 1 Premieres March 29
  • Unstable: premiere of the first season on March 30
  • Kimi ni Todoke: Coming to You: First Season Premiere March 30
  • The Media Assassin: Season One Premiere March 31


  • Tonight you sleep with me: premiere on March 1
  • It’s you: premiere on March 3
  • Far Away From Here: Premiere March 8
  • Did you find what you were looking for?: premiere on March 10
  • About time: premiere on March 16
  • The King of Shadows: premiere on March 17
  • The magician’s elephant: premiere on March 17
  • Mental noise: premiere on March 17
  • Johnny: premiere on March 23
  • The flight of thieves: premiere on March 24
  • Boksoon Must Die: Premiere March 31
  • Criminals in sight: premiere on March 31