Releases coming to Netflix in June 2023: all the series and movies

Releases coming to Netflix in June 2023: all the series and movies
releases coming to netflix in june 2023: all the series

have been known Premieres that Netflix has prepared for the month of June 2023 and, as always, the number is almost overwhelming. We show you the content that you should not miss among the series and movies that arrive as news on the platform that has the most users worldwide.

The series that attracts the most attention among all those that land on Netflix is ​​the first part of the third season of The Witcher. This will be the last installment in which the actor Henry Cavill is the protagonist. In this case, Geralt makes the decision to put Ciri to train under Yennefer’s orders, but, of course, not everything is perfect in the chosen place. Problems of betrayal, black magic and politics will threaten the protagonists in a delivery that covers another complete book (more or less). It opens on June 29.

More action in the film that we want to highlight, which is none other than Tyler Rake 2. Once again, the mercenary has to take a step forward to finish off an assignment that is most curious: to get the family of a Georgian gangster out of jail. Many twists in the plot starring Chris Hemsworth and that, surely, makes the whole family have a great time while all kinds of problems occur to which many of them respond with weapons… as happened with the first installment . It can be seen on the platform on June 16.

Other releases coming to Netflix in June 2023

We leave you the complete list of what the streaming video platform has so far planned as news in the month that is close to beginning. This is what you should keep in mind:


  • The days: premiere of the first season on June 1
  • Valeria: premiere of the third season on June 2
  • Scoop: Season One Premieres June 2
  • Manifest: premiere of the second part of the fourth season on June 2
  • Barracuda Queens: season one premiere on June 5
  • I never: premiere of the fourth season on June 8
  • This world will not make me a bad person: premiere of the first season on June 9
  • Human Resources: Season 2 premieres June 9
  • House dogs: premiere of the first season on June 9
  • Surrogate Mother: Season 1 premiere June 14
  • We want a divorce: premiere on June 22
  • Delete: Season One Premiere June 28
  • Ōoku: The Private Chambers: Season 1 Premiere June 29
  • Black Mirror: season six premiere, date to be confirmed


  • A Wonderful Life: Premiere June 1
  • Missed Connections: Premiere June 2
  • Rich in love 2: premiere on June 2
  • The magical weeks: premiere on June 9
  • Deck: The assassin’s signature: premiere on June 9
  • Be yourself: premiere on June 9
  • Black Clover: The Sword of the Wizard King: Premiere June 16
  • iNumber Number: Johannesburg Gold: Premieres June 23
  • Across the sea. Premiere June 23
  • The perfect combination: premiere on June 23
  • Run away, rabbit, run away: premiere on June 28
  • Nimona: premiere on June 30


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