Releases coming to Netflix in July 2023: all the series and movies

Releases coming to Netflix in July 2023: all the series and movies
releases coming to netflix in july 2023: all the series

The platform Netflix has already announced everything it has prepared for the moment to release it in the month of July 2023. A good number of series (where there is a significant commitment to animation) and movies is what you will be able to find in this service, which right now has the most subscribers in Spain.

The series that we recommend in the month of July 2023 is Fatal Seduction. This creation, which premieres on Netflix on July 7, shows an unexpected twist of fate, as an apparently calm and respected married teacher finds herself trapped in the tentacles of a fiery affair with a noticeably younger man. What starts out as an unbridled and forbidden passion soon turns into a spiral of events which unleashes a tragedy of heartbreaking proportions.

In the midst of fiery passion and irresistible temptation, our protagonist is forced to face distressing questions about the true nature of those around her and, what is even more disturbing, about herself. In her quest to unravel the truth, she finds herself drawn into a maze of dark secrets, startling revelations, and unexpected twists that will test her loyalty, her values, and her sanity.

The movie that we think you shouldn’t miss on Netflix in the month to come, is Paradise. In it you can enjoy a moving story that defies the limits of time and sacrifice, we delve into the life of a brave and long-suffering womanwho is forced to give up forty years of her existence to settle a debt that threatens to destroy her life and that of her family.

This story begins with the desperate dilemma faced by this woman and her husband, who find themselves on the edge of the financial abyss due to overwhelming debt. With no other options available, she makes a painful decision. It opens on July 27.

Other external on Netflix for the month of July 2023

This is the list Complete information that you should know if you are a subscriber to the well-known streaming video platform and in which you will find a good number of series and films that are new to the service’s catalogue:


  • My happy marriage: external of the first season on July 5
  • Back at 15: Season 2 premieres July 5
  • The Lincoln lawyer: premiere of the first part of the second season on July 6
  • Wake up, Carlo!: premiere of the first season on July 6
  • Record of Ragnarok: premiere of the final installment of the second season on July 12
  • Survival of a Curvy Girl: Season 1 Premieres July 13
  • Sonic Prime: season two premiere on July 13
  • Ashes of the Past: Season One Premiere July 13
  • Miss Jerusalem: season two premiere on July 14
  • Winter Fog: Season One Premieres July 15
  • Sweet Magnolias: Season 3 Premieres July 20
  • Tune: premiere of the fourth season on July 25
  • The Witcher: premiere of the final installment of the third season on July 12
  • Captain Fall: Season One Premieres July 28
  • DP: The Desert Hunter: Season 2 Premieres July 28
  • A perfect tale: premiere of the first season on July 28
  • The tailor: premiere of the second season on July 28
  • Hunting for Evil Spirits: Season 2 Premieres July 29
  • Bastard!!: premiere of the second season on July 31


  • Cash: premiere on July 6
  • Seasons: premiere on July 7
  • Some in-laws to take up arms: premiere on July 7
  • Bird Box Barcelona: premiere on July 14
  • Tactics in love 2: premiere on July 14
  • Tyrone’s clone: ​​premiere on July 21
  • Happiness for Beginners: Premiere July 27
  • Miraculous: Ladybug’s Adventures: The Movie: Premiere July 28


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