Releases coming to Movistar + in July 2021: series, films and documentaries

Releases coming to Movistar + in July 2021: series, films and documentaries
releases coming to movistar + in july 2021: series, films

The month of July has arrived and Movistar + ‘s commitment to original fictions continues to grow. Now it’s the turn of “Supernormal”, a Spanish production with faces as familiar as Miren’s Ibarguren, who will put herself in the shoes of a woman who succeeds both personally and professionally, where she has to face the demands of the position she holds. A lot of comedy along with that point of realism that tries to describe in the most sympathetic way possible what life is like for those professionals who do not want to give up their family or the challenge of leading a working life.

In addition to this original production, Movistar + will premiere “Professor T”, which is the adaptation of a Belgian series in which a teacher with obsessive-compulsive disorder is able to help the police solve many of their cases. A whole challenge that you will have available to watch, weekly, from July 20 within the offer of live channels, VOD, etc.

Precisely, in July we will be able to see in its entirety one of the most important audiovisual documents on television of the last 30 years: “Diana: the interview that shocked the world”, and that on November 20, 1995 the BBC broadcasted shaking the foundations of the British monarchy. An interview that many described as “sincere” and that “broke all protocols exposing traumas and scandals of life in the royal house.” Now you can also enjoy it within the Movistar + program.

Below you have all the premieres of series, films and documentaries arriving this July 2021 at Movistar +:


July 8

  • The secrets of the British crown

July 9th

  • Supernormal

July 20th

  • Professor T

July 21

  • Animal Kingdom (T5)


July 2nd

  • Madam curie

July 4th

  • Willy’s wonderland

July 5th

  • Our best years

July 8

  • Friends forever

July 9th

  • Up to the sky

July 10th

  • The Wolf of Snow Hollow

12th of July

  • Martin Eden

July 14

  • Golden arm

July 15

  • The dealer

July 16th

  • Dreams of a writer in New York

July 20th

  • Rocks

July 22

  • Shock Wave: Shock Wave and Beyond Shock Wave

July 23th

  • The Croods: a new era

July 25

  • It snows in Benidorm

July 30

  • How to make a girl


1st of July

  • Diana: the interview that shocked the world

July 2nd

  • Marley

July 5th

  • The Love Parade case

July 7th

  • David Byrne’s American Utopia

July 8

  • Billie

July 11

  • Searching for Sugar Man

July 13

  • Agatha Christie: 100 Years of Suspense

July 22

  • Audrey

July 23th

  • Special 10 years without Amy