Releases coming to Amazon Prime Video in July 2021: all series and movies

Releases coming to Amazon Prime Video in July 2021: all series and movies
releases coming to amazon prime video in july 2021: all

After seeing the number of titles that Netflix usually releases every month, on average, Seeing the Prime Video list might seem somewhat limited to us, but the truth is that for July we will have some news that we have been waiting for months. The first, and most obvious, is the arrival of the second season of “El Cid”, a Spanish production starring Jaime Llorente that retells the story of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar and that already triumphed a few months ago after its first premiere. Success that continues to consolidate Spanish fictions as some of the best on the current serial-film scene.

For this second season, we will continue the journey through the biography of one of the most fascinating characters in our history and that, sometimes exiled and others under the command of the Crown of León, lived the 12th century, turbulent in the Iberian Peninsula, and in which some of the most important cultures and civilizations in history came together, such as they are the Christian, the Arab and the Jewish. In this new batch of chapters we will continue that convulsive life journey of the hero towards his consecration as an eternal figure of our imagination.

In addition to that national production, it comes to Prime Video one of the most anticipated movies on the streaming scene. It is “The War of Tomorrow”, a production starring Chris Pratt (“Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Jurassic World”, etc.) where in the year 2051 the Earth faces a war to life or death against a alien invasive species that, unfortunately for all human beings, we are losing. Solution? Go looking for new soldiers to the present to feed the battalions that must prevent the collapse of civilization. time travel, great actors (JK Simmons) and lots of action. We will see the result.

In addition to the previous two, these are all the premieres that will bring Amazon Prime Video in July 2021:


1st of July

  • Soulmates

July 9th

  • Luxe Listings Sydney (T1)

July 13

  • The Family (T1)

July 16th

  • Making The Cut (T2)
  • El Cid (T2)


1st of July

  • Latest news in Yuba County
  • Bumblebee
  • Overlord
  • Instant Family

July 2nd

  • Tomorrow’s War

3rd of July

  • Bloody christmas

July 10th

  • Escape room

July 11

  • Another twist

July 20th

  • Playmobil: The Movie

July 23th

  • Her blue sky
  • Jolt

28 of July

  • Immune


July 13

  • The family