Refurbished tech products, up to 70% cheaper all year round

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Being up-to-date in technology does not have to mean a significant outlay of money. It is true that some gadgets and technological products, especially those recently released and of the highest range, often have exorbitant prices, even during sales times or with special promotions such as those of Black Friday, which will be held soon.

For this reason, many users choose to buy second-hand products to save a few euros and reach the end of the month without problems. However, this is often not safe in terms of product operation. That is why there is another better option than acquiring a used product that will possibly satisfy the needs of any pocket, allowing you to buy a technological product with all the guarantees: purchase a refurbished product.

Of course, when buying a reconditioned technological product, some considerations must be taken into account, as it is not advisable to do it anywhere. The ideal is to look for a trusted platform that guarantees the operation and durability of the products and that offers the best possible price.

That is why today we are going to talk about Back Market, an online platform that we have been testing and in which you can buy reconditioned technological products by certified workshops and specialists at a much cheaper price than the new ones.

Back Market 2

Back Market’s refurbished products are 30-70% cheaper than new ones, so you won’t have to wait for discount times or celebrations like Black Friday to get the best technology at the best price. In this sense, in Back Market any time is good to buy at an advantageous price, be it Black Friday, or during any other day of the year: they keep their offers available to their customers at all times.

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But in addition to the savings that you can benefit from, in a platform like Back Market, you have other advantages. Perhaps one of the fundamentals is the warranty quality of the products it sells. When buying a second-hand product, one may have doubts about the condition of the gadget, but in Back Market the reconditioned products that are sold are completely refurbished by certified professionals and the quality is guaranteed.

That is why you will not have to worry, because every product passes an exhaustive quality control and on the web you will also have all the information about its status. Back Market uses a grading system to describe the exterior appearance of the product and its technical condition, detailing how long the product will last and the quality of the seller, based on past sales. In this sense, you should know that not everyone can sell on this platform, but whoever wants to become a seller must pass a detailed selection process.

With all this information about the product, you will have a clearer understanding of its status and you can choose to purchase it with all the guarantees. In addition, when you buy any reconditioned product from Back Market you will enjoy a minimum guarantee of 12 months and a withdrawal period of 30 days in case you regret your purchase.

Do you have doubts when buying your reconditioned mobile phone? The Back Market mobile comparator can be very useful: discover all the characteristics and differences between two models thanks to this intuitive tool. For example, know all the details of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11, and discover which one is more worth it according to your needs.

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Also, think that you will be helping to take care of the environment. By purchasing a refurbished product, less raw material is used, less energy is consumed, less CO₂ is emitted and less electronic waste is generated. All are advantages!

Do not hesitate and take a good look at the Back Market website at any time of the year to get hold of gadgets Reconditioned at the best price and with the guarantee that they have been restored and serviced by trusted expert workshops.