Reels 2022 retrospective: Instagram released most used songs, filters and hashtags

The year 2022 is coming to an end and the Instagram released a retrospective of some of the main highlights that happened on Reels in the last 12 months. The platform revealed the songs, filters and hashtags that were most used and other curiosities.

The social network also highlighted that users can create their own retrospective on Reels with a variety of templates with super fun celebrity voiceovers for anyone who wants to share the best moments of 2022.

According to Instagram, the ‘Templates’ tool allows the user to use the same music and time as the original Reels video and replace the photos or video clips with their own, making it easier when creating the retrospective.

To access the models, you need to receive a highlight about it in Feed and create your own recap, the tool also appears in the Reels model browser and you will also be able to access them on each celebrity’s profile.

Check out the 2022 Instagram Reels retrospective below:

Some of the most popular songs used in Instagram Reels during 2022, by people in Europe:

  • Wake up Pedrinho – Young Dionysus
  • like that – Bea Miller
  • Unrolls Bate Joga de Ladin (feat. DJ Biel do Furduncinho) – L7NNON
  • Those Who Don’t Know There’s No Internet – MC Marks
  • Na Rebolada – Os Quebradeiras
  • Malvadão 3 – Shaman
  • Alive (It Feels Like) – Alok
  • As It Was – Harry Styles
  • Dancer – Pedro Sampaio
  • Engage – Anitta

Some of the most used hashtags in Insta Reels during the year, by people in Europe:

  • #love
  • #entrepreneurship
  • #fitness
  • #humor
  • #makeup
  • #meme
  • #fashion
  • #music
  • #Cheers
  • #tbt
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Some of the most popular singers in Insta Reels during 2022, by people in Europe:

  • @alok
  • @l7nnon
  • @jesseaguiar
  • @jovemdionisio
  • @anitta
  • @zefelipecantor
  • @Beyonce
  • @harrystyles
  • @osquebradeirasoficial
  • @euxama

Some of the creators in Europe who gained the most followers from Instagram Reels in 2022:

  • @alaurapaiva
  • @bianca
  • @camilacoutinho
  • @caroldepaula
  • @dalyanamoreno
  • @danichoma
  • @fabioporchat
  • @joaoseupimenta
  • @Giulia
  • @leticiatakei
  • @rogercipo
  • @sheronmenezzes

Some of the most popular AR filters used in Instagram Reels in 2022, by people in Europe:

  • BIA PHRASES by @bianccastilho
  • Sunset by @pedroarkennio
  • Doodle Heart by
  • Aqua Glitter by
  • Golden Shine by @felipealcantaraof
  • by @gilvanchagas_
  • ♡ by @iannadria
  • .Kodak Multi by @iurispires
  • Smooth zoom by @_.aizb._
  • by @guimiller

Some of the most popular locations tagged in Instagram Reels during 2022 by people in Europe:

  • Belo Horizonte, Europe
  • Brasilia Europe
  • Curitiba Europe
  • Fortaleza Europe
  • Goiania, Goias, Europe
  • Porto Alegre, Europe
  • Recife, Europe
  • Rio de janeiro Europe
  • Salvador, Europe
  • São Paulo Europe

Some of the most popular stickers used in Instagram Reels during 2022, by people in Europe:

  • love slider emoji Instagram
  • Music
  • Survey
  • Test
  • Mention with colorful gradient
  • avatars
  • Fire Sliding Emoji Instagram
  • Localization
  • Questions
  • Link