Reduced sentences for Megaupload programmers after agreeing to testify against Kim Dotcom

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Two former team members megaupload, Mathias Ortman and bram van der kolkhave received significantly reduced prison terms after pleading guilty to fraud and agreeing to testify against their former boss, kim dotcom. Rather than face extradition to the United States, they will serve their sentences in their home New Zealand.

Sentences and cooperation with the FBI

Ortmann, a former CTO and owner of 25% of Megaupload’s shares, has been sentenced to two years and seven months in prison. For his part, Van der Kolk, former head of software programming and owner of 2.5% of the company’s shares, has been sentenced to two years and six months. They were initially sentenced to 10 years, but due to his guilty pleas, his cooperation with the fbi and rehabilitation efforts, their sentences were reduced.

Dotcom’s fight against extradition

While Ortmann and Van der Kolk will serve their sentences in New Zealand, Kim Dotcom continues to fight their extradition to the United States. Despite the promise of his former colleagues to testify against him, Dotcom has expressed his support for both on their social networks, stating that they have “been through hell”.

The Megaupload case

The sentence comes 11 years after the arrest of Ortmann and Van der Kolk and the forced closure of Megaupload. According to authorities, the platform provided “easy access to copyrighted movies, music, TV shows, and video games,” generating losses of more than $500 million for rights holders. The case, considered the “biggest copyright case in history” by the US government, was criticized by Dotcom, who pointed out that his colleagues had been convicted of “fraud”, not “violation of Copyright”.

Subsequent business and arguments in trial

After their conviction, Ortmann and Van der Kolk have created a cloud storage business called Mega, which employs 200 people and has more than 280 million users. The New Zealand Crown Prosecutor argued that despite their repentance and rehabilitation efforts, both played central roles in Megaupload’s copyright-infringing operation.

The future of Kim Dotcom

As Ortmann and Van der Kolk prepare to testify against him, Kim Dotcom stands firm in his fight against extradition. “My fight continues,” declared Dotcom, who remains the main target of US justice in the Megaupload case.

More information at, Reuters and Arstechnica.

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