Redmi prepares a new tablet, and it will have a battery that will be quite impressive

Redmi prepares a new tablet, and it will have a battery that will be quite impressive
redmi prepares a new tablet, and it will have a

Redmi prepares a new tablet, and it will have a battery that will be quite impressive

Redmi launched its first tablet last year. Now, its successor, the Redmi Pad 2, is being prepared. This future device has already been seen at the EEC certification body and now, some of the key specifications that this product is expected to have have been revealed.

According to the source of the information, the screen size of the Redmi Pad 2 will be between 10 and 11 inches. In addition, it will have a LCD panel with 2K resolution and a 90Hz refresh rate. Therefore, when it comes to image quality, you won’t have any problems on paper.

More details of the new Redmi Pad 2

Among the data that have been published are those that have to do with the cameras that the team will include. The rear and main one will be 8MP, while the front, intended for video conferencing, will have a 5MP sensor. On the other hand, it has also been indicated that the integrated processor will be the snapdragon 680so we are talking about a pure mid-range.

Front of the Xiaomi Redmi Pad tablet

On the other hand, it is expected to have a battery of 8,000mAh. This is a most interesting figure, since if what was said before about the hardware is taken into account, it is more than clear that the new Redmi tablet will exceed the 12 hours of use without difficulty and, what is more important, without any type of restriction. An excellent brand that will not lack the combination with fast charging.

A basic but complete model

As indicated in the medium that has published the information, it seems quite clear that Xiaomi’s Redmi Pad 2 will be positioned as a entry-level model. Therefore, it is to be hoped that the price it has is not excessively high, so betting for something less than 250 euros is making it a winning horse. And, if so, it will be a most interesting purchase option.

The rest of the details about this tablet have not been known, and it will make us wait for the model to be officially announced, something that can happen this summer, taking into account that we are dealing with a model that has already obtained the certification to be able to be sold in some regions. While the leaked specs indicate an improvement over its predecessor, it’s important to note that final details may vary.


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