Redmi launches magical headphones inspired by the world of Harry Potter

Redmi launches magical headphones inspired by the world of Harry Potter
redmi launches magical headphones inspired by the world of harry

If you are a fan of everything that has to do with Harry Potterthe company Redmi wants to make it very easy for you to have some helmets wireless that are inspired by the universe that can be seen in the movie saga. Both its case and the headphones themselves are a true marvel that surely, in addition, are not expensive at all.

The accessory is called Redmi Buds 4 Harry Potter Edition, which, as can be seen in the image that we leave after this paragraph, are earbuds (similar to AirPods) and for this reason have a transport case that is perfectly set in the iconography and colors that are common in all the universe. from Harry Potter. So, for example, in the place where the helmets are kept, you will find the Hogwarts school emblem and there is no shortage of golden details that give it a very particular touch.


Another of the things that make these headphones special in what has to do with their appearance, is that each element that is placed in the ear includes on the outside, where the reproductions are controlled, the mark on the forehead of the young wizard: the lightning marked in the attempt to kill him. Therefore, it does not lack any detail so that the followers are delighted.

One final note: included with the product is a small bag in which the headphones are kept with their case that is finished in leather and that includes as an auction a goal element that is a golden snitch (the ball that has to be hunted to win the matches of the most important sport in the magical world we are talking about, Quidditch). Come on, the product is full of details.

The sound of these Redmi headphones

Well, it offers everything that exists in the Redmi Buds 4, since nothing has been removed for customization. Thus, for example, in what has to do with sound, a fairly significant volume is included and, in addition, there is no lack of active noise cancellation. In addition, the frequency management (from 20 to 20,000Hz) ensures that the fidelity is quite high… something that helps that its drivers are 10 millimeters.


In addition, in terms of autonomy, with the battery that is included in the transport case, you can reach up to 30 hours of use without problems, so leaving the house is not something you should worry about. In addition, it includes fast charging and the port used for it is USB type C. And, to all this, it is added that they offer great compatibility because they use Bluetooth 5.2 and that, in addition, can be used as hands-free, since they integrate microphones.

A price that seems magic…

At the moment the Redmi Buds 4 Harry Potter Edition are sold exclusively in China, and it remains to be seen if they leave that country (if they do, sales can be very important). And this is also influenced by the fact that the price they have is about 55 euros to changeso we are talking about an amount that is really low and that Harry Potter fans will surely consider paying.