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Redmi Introduces Huge New 98-Inch 4K Smart TV

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Since Xiaomi or Redmi, already as an independent brand, also launched into the Smart TV market, we have not stopped receiving great news because they usually develop devices with excellent technical characteristics that are accompanied by a more than competitive price. In this case, also, we will be able to choose a size so vast that it will be challenging to find a hole in our house.

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98-inch Redmi MAX.

Remember that Redmi had already launched a few months ago other ranges of televisions that had sizes of 40 and 70 inches, so many specialists and users expected that the next device, at most, would reach 80 inches. Still, the Chinese have wanted to go one step further with a large panel at a price that, in proportion to other similar alternatives on the market, seems like a bargain.

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So much so that this Redmi Max reaches 98 inches. A large panel capable of covering the most significant area that we have free in the room and that, to give you an idea, it is as big as a 120cm bed. Wide or like a ping pong table. So imagine the distance at which you have to place yourself so that all that surface can cover it without problems.

Excellent design and 4K panels

This new TV It is built with black stainless steel frames and a 98.8% screen to edge ratio. So these are hardly noticeable when we have the Smart TV on. And it is that if you can barely see it from the front, these Redmi also get a good mark on the sides, staying at just 12.8mm. Thick.

New 98-inch Redmi MAX. "Srcset =" https: https: https: //d500.epimg.net/t.gif 200w
New 98-inch Redmi MAX.

This new 98-inch Redmi Max features 4K resolution and 85% colour gamut with dynamic backlight and 140,000: 1 contrast. To aid in image quality, this 98-inch Redmi Max incorporates an engine MEMC motion compensation graphic, which also calibrates up to 20 different parameters to deliver the best possible frame.

Like other televisions on the market, these image improvement processes bring technologies that help smooth the movement between frames, in this case, inserting new ones that compensate for those phases that are lost along the way, making them more fluid the scene. It is an effect that very moviegoers will not like too much because it removes that effect “24 frames per second” of the cinema and turns it almost into a television broadcast.

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It comes equipped with a Cortex A55 processor and a Mali G31 MP2 GPU, 4 / 6GB of RAM and 64 storage, 3 HDMI, 1 AV, 2 USB, Ethernet, MIUI interface and an S / PDIF audio output, etc. The sound has two 8W speakers and will go on sale on April 9 at a price, in exchange, of about 2,620 euros.

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