Redmi gives the coup: it will allow you to charge the phone in the time it takes you to have a coffee

Redmi gives the coup: it will allow you to charge the phone in the time it takes you to have a coffee
redmi gives the coup: it will allow you to charge

Redmi gives the coup: it will allow you to charge the phone in the time it takes you to have a coffee

When fast charging for smartphones was born, not many thought it could be achieved at today’s speeds (or rather, power). The fact is that companies have improved a lot in this section given the impossibility of increasing the amperage of current batteries. Well then, Redmi has announced that it becomes the first manufacturer to reaches 300W. Nothing more and nothing less.

Until now, it was really me who held the record… which only lasted a few days. The fact is that the company that is owned by Xiaomi takes an important evolutionary leap because he has shown in a video that it is able to go from 0 to 100% of charging a 4,100mAh battery (his would have been four hundred milliamps more, it must be said) in only five minutes. That is, the time that many need to drink their coffee after eating.

An important detail that can be seen in the video published by Redmi is that, to achieve the aforementioned, it does not need to reach the maximum power that its technology allows (300W), since the maximum peak that the process reaches is 290 . But, furthermore, it can be clearly seen that stability is one of the virtues of progressbecause the stability in the power used is quite high, which is very positive to achieve times as impressive as the one announced.

Some times that scare in fast charging

The first is the total, which is very impressive and ensures that you will not have problems when running out of charge in the battery. But there is something that is very relevant: In just minutes, the 20% charge of the battery that we are talking about is exceeded -by little-. This figure is especially positive, since if you have forgotten to charge the terminal at night and you have to go on a trip, in the time it takes to brush your teeth, you have more than enough time to have it perfectly operational until you arrive at the train station or airport.

It is important to note that in the message that has been published on networks announcing the arrival of this technology, it is indicated that Xiaomi includes a good number of protection technologies so that the phones never suffer any problem. Thus, the temperature will always be controlled and, also, the possible voltage surge problem that can occur when handling a power as high as the one we are talking about.

Dates for this Redmi technology

Obviously, terminals with this fast charge will not be launched right now, but this is something that will not take long to happen. remains to be seen the impact that its use has on the useful life of the batteries, but what is certain is that being able to use the 300W compensates for losing some durability over time. We will have to be attentive to see which is the first Redmi that makes use of this advance -and, by extension, the one that does the same as Xiaomi-.


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