REDMAGIC 8 Pro, first steps with the mobile gamer of the year

redmagic 8 pro.jpg
redmagic 8 pro.jpg

The phone that every gamer was waiting for has arrived, and I have had it in my hands for several days now so that I can show all its virtues during a series of articles.

In this first one I will show you the unboxing and the first steps, so you can see how it arrives, details of its design, its play of lights and the basic configuration of the mobile.

Available from 649 euros at this link, the REDMAGIC 8 Pro stands out for 4 main features:

– Your design minimalist and spectacular rear.
– Your 6000mAh battery with 65W fast charge
– Your Snapdragon 8+ Gen 2the best chip of the moment.
– Your AMOLED screen complete with 2 million pixels and up to 1300 nits. No notches, 100% clean screen.

These are just the four things that have caught my attention the most, although its 10-layer cooling system and its 960 Hz touch frequency are also points worth mentioning.

The rest of the variables are not very different from other mobiles in the sector: up to 120 Hz screen refresh, 50 MP triple camera, 8 wide-angle and 2 Macro, up to 16 Gigs of RAM… in the video I comment the details:

REDMAGIC 8 Pro Design

redmagic 8 pro design

We start with the design of a mobile that comes in “two flavors”. we have the mode mattemore minimalist, without so many details on the back, and then we have the mode voidthe one that can be seen in the first place of the upper image.

It strikes me how square it is. Flat edges surrounding a full screen that no selfie camera notchsince the camera is behind the screen.
REDMAGIC 8 Pro screen

The rear of the void model is attractive, with configurable lighting that gives it a bare hardware look, indicators for where the game buttons are, and three cameras that do stick out quite a bit.

REDMAGIC 8 Pro cameras

The back is stained a lot, but the protector that comes in the box, as seen in the video, is the best I’ve seen so far.

REDMAGIC 8 Pro Battery

REDMAGIC 8 Pro Battery

Two 3000 mAh batteries each are responsible for an autonomy from another world. It is true that in the end it all depends on the game we are playing, the use of lights and the effort required to cool everything, as well as the enormous brightness of the screen (1300 nits), but with 6,000 mAh it is easy for it to last more than a day, even if we don’t stop using it for hours.

The fast charge is 65W, and in the next video I will show you in detail how it charges when I activate it.

Snapdragon 8+ Gen 2

Snapdragon 8+ Gen 2

Benchmarks are a way of measuring the performance of a processor. In the case of the Snapdragon Gen 1, its power was not an issue, but it had throttling issues, causing a more than 50% drop in performance.

Throttling is a process in which the speed or performance of a device is temporarily reduced to prevent overheating and to protect the hardware. This process is common in electronic devices, especially laptops and smartphones, where limited space makes it more difficult to dissipate heat generated by the processor. Throttling can negatively affect device performance and speed, which can be a problem for users who rely on their device for intensive tasks.

With the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 2 these issues are fixed, with actually better numbers all around.

This power allows you to execute innovative functions on the mobile, such as the one that improves stability while playing.

REDMAGIC 8 Pro stability

AMOLED screen

The screen is breathtaking. 120 Hz Refresh Rate, 960 Hz Multi-finger Touch Sampling Rate, 6.8-inch, 1300 nits (I won’t get tired of repeating that)…

Playing with it is quite an experience, it doesn’t seem like we are in front of a mobile, but it is something that I will indicate in more detail in the “testing while I play” video.

gaming experience

As I have told you, in this first article I will only be presenting the mobile, with the unboxing and its features, since the unique features for the game are a world that deserves a unique video and an exclusive article.

Extra features can be activated during gameplay by swiping on the side, and each of those bars has many new options. In the capture you can only see the first ones, but there are more by sliding down.

Among them we have from the configuration of macros to the definition of frequencies or activation of the fan.

games with the REDMAGIC 8 Pro

In the image below we can see the access to the macro configuration function (predefined activities with specific combinations) and the Gravity function is what allows us to play with external controls.

games with the REDMAGIC 8 Pro

What gives a new life to the mobile, which becomes a whole console

games with the REDMAGIC 8 Pro

But what has been said, all these functions will be discussed in the videos + exclusive article that you will see in a few days here, at

Prices and link

Today is its release day, and you can find it at this link with two versions:

– 12GB+256GB / Matte for 649 euros.
– 16GB+512GB / Void for 799 euros