Recover the old Google Time with this free application: our dear little frog will not miss the appointment

recover the old google time with this free application our.webp.webp.webp
recover the old google time with this free application our.webp.webp.webp

Times change, as do applications for our Android mobile. Like life itself, the traditional Google Weather section gave way to its evolution, with clear influences from Material You and adapted to the design lines of Android 14.

However, although the official mascot of this app is still present, you may miss the old interface. In the current one, we see the information in a clearer way but there will always be those who understand it better with the previous one. You can recover it, although to do so you have to download an application that imitates it perfectly.

This is Frog Weather, a copy of the old Google Weather

That Google continues to update its applications to provide them with better functions and a more polished aesthetic section is not something new. This is what happened to all ‘Google Apps’ when Android 12 debuted Material You, and we continue to receive new updates that change the interface today.

In reality, the “new” Google Time has not been on our Android phones and devices for too long (forgive the redundancy), as it landed gradually from mid to late last year. However, we love the new interface, but as they say “it never rains to everyone’s liking.” Don’t worry, Frog Weather She is your savior.

This application copies the old appearance of the Google Time with a very convincing result. We have a main screen organized into three tabs: “Today”, “Tomorrow” and “10 days”, as in the past. They give access to forecasts for different time periods.

Frog Weather

Then, the “hamburger menu”, the one with the three horizontal lines that appears in the upper left corner, gives us access to the settings, a button to refresh the weather forecast and a curious weather map where we will see the course of the clouds or winds throughout the day.

As we said, the beloved and adorable little frog returns to its origins posing in different settings. If we scroll while we have it on the screen, we will access the detailed forecast, which informs us about different parameters: humidity, pressure, UV index, visibility and complete rain reports

It also provides information on the air quality and about the sunrise and sunset. As in other similar applications, it can detect our location so we don’t have to enter it manually when we change location.

Frog Weather is totally free, although it shows some ads. You can eliminate them by paying for the app, although during our tests they did not bother us. Additionally, no features are saved for paying users, another reason to use it. You can download it on your Android mobile from the link to the Play Store that we leave below.

Frog Weather

Frog Weather is a simple and fun weather app that provides a reliable forecast and always gives you a good mood, even in bad weather.

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