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Recover space in your Gmail account with these two useful and simple tricks

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You may not know that the Google account you use has a space limit for storing information, and that if you don’t have your mail well organized, it may exceed it sooner than you expect (especially if you have the free option from the Mountain View company ). So that this doesn’t happen to you, we show you options to delete Gmail messages that you may not want to keep. The power, in the form of extensive possibilities, that Google’s mail service has is excellent. But, on many occasions, the filters that can be used to detect what is no longer valid are not known. We are going to explain how to quickly and easily find those messages that, due to size or time, can possibly free up space that will come in handy so that Gmail continues to work like clockwork. How to use filters to free up space in Gmail First, let’s show how to set a filter in the version of Gmail to find messages that have a size that exceeds a certain size. To do this, you must write the text that we show in the upper search bar on the computer screen. This is what you have to do: Enter Gmail and, now, write in the place that we have indicated before the following: size: 5m (where the number represents the size of the mail, so you can delete it if necessary) .Press Enter and now you will see the results that match your search. Go reviewing the messages and delete all those that are not essential. You can, if you wish, download the attachments if they are important so that once you delete the email, you will always have the included data at hand. Here, you are done. End the emails that are very old In this case you have to do something very similar to the above, but changing the text in question. These are the steps you have to take: Enter the web version of Gmail and, now, in the search bar you must write the following string: old_than:1y (where the number is the number of years that they have been in your Gmail and, obviously you can change it). Now review the results that you will see on the computer screen once you press Enter, and again, select what is not worth it to recover space. Once this is done, you have finished and, as you have seen, everything is very simple when using the Google mail client. >

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