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RecordPad, a simple application to record sounds on your computer

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Audio recording and editing is one of those processes that, like image editing, has been made easy for everyone. Just take a quick tour of the internet to find dozens of solutions oriented to the world of audio. Previously, it was a bit more complicated to cover this type of needs, however, today a microphone, a computer and an application to record audio like the one we present below are enough.

Its name is RecordPad and it is a software for recording sounds that you can use in Windows for free and very simply.

Record audio from your PC in the simplest way

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When we are in the search for audio software we must be clear about what we want to do exactly. If it is recording and editing audio, then we need to find an environment that incorporates these possibilities. On the other hand, if you only want to record, the matter is much simpler and here we can recommend the use of RecordPad. This application developed by NHC Software provides a very easy to use interface to record audio in various formats.

Also, as we discussed earlier, it is a completely free application, so you will not have headaches with license payments.

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When you run the application, a small window will be displayed where you will have all the controls to start working. At the top you will have the menu bar and the tool bar and below, the playback and recording controls. To start recording, define the audio format at the bottom, you can select Wav, MP3 and Aiff. You will also have to set the output folder and when everything is ready, click the “Record” button to start capturing the sound.

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In this way, you can record audio from your computer under a very simple process and with a lightweight and easy-to-use app.

To prove it, follow this link.


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