Record fine to Meta for data transfer.


A record fine to Goal is news right now, the parent company of Facebook has been sanctioned for the amount of 1,200 million euros (1,300 million dollars) by the European Union (EU) due to violations of digital privacy regulations.

This sanction imposed by the Data Protection Commission of Ireland stresses the importance of protecting privacy and personal data in the digital environment.

Digital privacy violation: Record fine to Meta.

The case originated from a complaint filed by the Austrian privacy advocate Max Schrems.

The Irish Data Protection Commission alleged that Meta had breached the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when transferring data of EU citizens to US servers.

This claim highlights the need to comply with the data protection regulations that apply to European citizens.

Insufficient legal framework for data transfers.

The Irish Data Protection Commission argued that the existing legal framework for the transfer of data from the EU to the US was insufficient and did not adequately address the risks faced by the fundamental rights and freedoms of users of Facebook in Europe.

This decision is added to the previous annulment of the Privacy Shield in 2020, leading to increased concerns around the transatlantic transfer of data.

Persistence in data transfers despite failure.

Despite the cancellation of the Privacy Shield, the Data Protection Commission (CPD) claimed that Meta continued to send data to US servers, in violation of the ruling.

This highlights the importance of complying with the decisions and rulings of the regulatory authorities regarding privacy and data protection.

Record fine to Meta and suspension order.

The €1.2 billion fine imposed on Meta by the Irish Data Protection Commission is the highest ever recorded for breaches of GDPR.

In addition to the fine, a DPC order has been issued to suspend “any future transfer of personal data to the US within a five-month period.”

These measures emphasize the seriousness of the violations and the importance of ensuring the protection of personal data.

The fine imposed on Goal sets a new record for violations of GDPRfar exceeding the fine of 746 million euros imposed on Amazon in 2021.

This milestone reinforces the importance that the EU grants the protection of personal data and the privacy of its citizens.

Intention to appeal by Meta.

Faced with the record fine, Meta’s President of Global Affairs, Nick Clegg, and Meta’s Chief Legal Officer, Jennifer Newstead, announced in a statement that the company intends to appeal the imposed penalty.

The appeal will test the effectiveness of the existing legal framework and its ability to protect users’ privacy rights.

In addition, it will set an important precedent for future cases related to the transfer of data and the responsibility of companies in the protection of personal information.