Recommended sizes for photos on LinkedIn [2023]

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All social networks periodically change design, and one of the last to do so was LinkedIn. Generally, a redesign of a social network implies that the recommended measurements for photographs that are used in them, and this is something that all users -not only professional Community Managers- should take into account so that their profile does not appear out of date or with cut or pixelated images.

LinkedIn underwent a radical redesign in late 2020, necessitating an update to photo sizes

That is why you have to take into account the recommended sizes for images, and not only for LinkedIn profile photos, but for any photo that is published on the professional social network, which was acquired by Microsoft at the end of 2016. .

Regarding the format of the photographs, it is recommended to upload them in .jpg while the size varies depending on what the image is used for (you can use an online photo editor to crop them). These would be the currently recommended sizes:

-Profile image: 400 x 400 pixel photograph.

-Header image in the profile: 1584 x 396 pixel photograph.

-Image for a horizontal post on LinkedIn: 520 x 320 pixels

-Image when sharing a link in the publication: 520 x 272 pixels

-Horizontal Video on LinkedIn: 1200 x 620 pixels

-Carousel of images on LinkedIn: 1200 x 1380 pixels.

-Ads on LinkedIn:

-Logo image: 100 x 100 pixels
-Ad photography: 1200 x 627 pixels

-Company pages:

-Logo image: 300 x 300 pixels
-Header image: 1128 x 191 pixels

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Although LinkedIn is a professional social network where not as many photos are shared as on other platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, it is essential to also pay attention to the graphic component to differentiate our profile and give it more personality.

Therefore, within our content strategy on LinkedIn, image should play a fundamental role. Preparing eye-catching graphic content that contributes to improving our brand and personal reputation in the professional social network is basic.