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Realme UI 4.0 with official Android 13: all the news

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Together with the international market debut of the 10 Pro and 10 Pro+, Realme has formalized the new user interface based on Android 13 the Realm UI 4.0. Some news had come out a couple of days ago, when the company shared the update calendar. Now the remaining part is also official, in a summary of the features and news of Realme UI 4.0 published on the pages of the Indian portal.

In total, the company says, the designers have given birth to more than 260 changes, between more and less evident. The result is “our smoothest software experience ever”, with better performance than in the recent past, smoother animations and greater privacy protection. Right away all the news announced including those that had emerged in recent days so as not to create confusion between “old” and new.


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With Realme UI 4.0, the company has sought a more realistic and attractive visual impact, and for this they have been redesigned over 30 icons to offer “more detail and depth”. More intense colors, choices aimed at attracting the younger audience and therefore, overall, the software atmosphere is “more vibrant”.

Realme UI 4.0

Also revised the appearance of system settings where individual entries are now organized by scope, and by quick settings dropdown. Updated Omojis, which now support 79 new facets: “Showcase your personality with a wider variety of face shapes, skin tones, makeup styles, hairstyles, and accessories. You’ll also be able to showcase your cultural background in more ways than ever before, so your Virtual ID can be truly yours and perfectly reflect who you are”.


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Among the functions dedicated to entertainment there is theAlways on, which takes two taps to turn into an interactive screen. Realme cites Spotify as an example: “You can enjoy and switch between playlists on Spotify without even unlocking the screen. With your music playing right on your Always on display, you can now simply double-tap the AOD to turn the music player into an interactive panel, opening a variety of controls and even recommended playlists”.

Then, there is Insight AOD an Always on mode that is very reminiscent of the one introduced by OnePlus (which together with Realme and Oppo is part of the same group) with OxygenOS 11 in 2020. The similarity is visual and functional, because Insight AOD also returns at a glance the amount of time you spend on your smartphone during the day by keeping track of how many times you unlocked it.


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And then there are the improvements under the hood, the ones you can’t see but feel. With Realme UI 4.0 the company promises a performance increase of 10%, maximum temperatures lower by 1 degree Celsius and lower energy consumption while playing by 4.7%. With the same hardware, these are not recent results.

The new interface allows you to keep running up to 18 applications at the same time, and to create folders with lots of apps to browse without even opening them. New layout “dynamic” for widgets and new also the Multi-screen Connect between Realme devices that allows you to work on multiple products simultaneously while maximizing the qualities of each one.


For safety there is Pixelated cars, very convenient function. When you take a screenshot, Auto Pixelate can analyze the content to automatically obscure any sensitive information present, such as profile pictures. There is also Private Safea virtual place to store photos, videos or documents that are protected with AES encryption.

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