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Realme Pad Mini review: a small and cheap tablet will always be a small and cheap tablet

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What memories of that time, now so far away, when small tablets you found them everywhere. Now, buying one is a complex task. Or at least risky. Even the iPad mini was for a time in danger of extinction.

The Realme Pad Mini arrives on the market to offer something that seemed threatened to disappear due to the proliferation of smartphones with large diagonals: a small, affordable tablet with no pretense other than consume content. Let’s see if it’s worth it or not.

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Realme Pad Mini technical sheet

realme pad mini


8.7-inch LCD (1340×800 pixels)


Unisoc T616


Mali G57 MP1




32/64GB + microSD


Main: 8MP (f2.0)

Secondary: 5 MP (f2.2)


USB-C // Headphone port

wireless connectivity

Wi-Fi 802.11ac

Bluetooth 5.0

4G option

operating system

Android 11

Realme UI



18W fast charge (reverse charge)


211.84 x 124.48 x 7.6mm





A Premium design that is appreciated

I have to admit that the idea around the cheap and small tablet leads me inevitably to the Amazon Fire. Yes, they are extremely cheap but at the level of finish they do not offer anything extraordinary.

With Realme one knows that, even at a low price, the quality of construction and attention to detail is assured.

That is why it is so surprising that the Realme Pad MiniAs with many of its smartphones, it stands out from the outset due to the high level of finish for its price.

Realme Pad Mini Review  EuroXliveEspanol Genral Diseno

The manufacture of the tablet is solid aluminum. We gain a tremendous feeling of robustness in hand but in return the weight remains at 373 grams.

In a tablet of this diagonal (8.7 inches), which offers a lot of comfort of use with one hand it is essential. This Realme Pad Mini achieves it for that good touch and for a thickness of only 7.6 mm.

Realme Pad Mini Review  EuroXliveEspanol En Mano

The physical volume and power controls have a good finish and travel. They are located on the right side.

More to watch video than to read content

The Realme Pad Mini is a tablet in reduced format that has a 8.7 inch screen. The resolution is only HD +, that is, 1340×800 pixels.

Realme Pad Mini Review  EuroXliveEspanol General Screen Reading

As soon as you turn on the tablet and start messing around with it, you can already see that sacrifices have been made to get a small tablet. The screen has been one of the most affected. And that’s not good news on a tablet.

It is enough to look from the screen of this Realme tablet to almost any smartphone, no matter how entry-level it may be, and you understand it right away. Especially if you are going to spend a lot of time reading or consuming content that is not video or audio. There, the low panel resolution LCD is a drawback.

A tablet, small or large, is after all a screen. That the quality of the panel is insufficient costs a lot to assume

The screen of the Realme Pad Mini scratches in practically everything: resolution, brightness, contrast… only the use of the screen is remarkable. The frames they are appreciable, but they do not make us lose too much immersive sensation. Yes, we are talking about a cheap tablet but not so much. And it is something that a consumer should know before launching to buy a device with this clear usage profile.

Realme Pad Mini Review  EuroXliveEspanol Lirbo Electronico

However, the sound of the Realme Pad Mini is up to what we expect in a multimedia experience on a tablet.

Their two stereo speakers they offer a sufficient enveloping sensation while sounding powerful and quite clear for their size.

As for the cameras of this tablet, they are as we expected merely standard. The rear offers an 8 MP (f2.0) solution that is used to get out of the way in case we need it, which would surprise us today, while the one for selfies (5 MP and f2.2) gives us just enough what are we going to need for occasional video call. Our interlocutor, at least, will know that it is us.

Image 20220520 014358

Main chamber, day interior

Image 20220520 014437

Main camera, outside during the day

Img 20220520 013333 Hdr

selfie camera sign

Fair power under Android without additions

The Realme Pad Mini It is presented in society in two versions: one with 2 GB of RAM accompanying 32 GB of internal memory, and another more interesting one with 3 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. In both cases, the processor is a Unisoc T616 at 2 GHz (GPU Mali G57 MP1) and the internal memory can be expanded with microSD cards of up to 1 TB.

Realme Pad Mini Review  EuroXliveEspanol Jugando

With that basic technical sheet, it has been easy to verify in the performance that we are clearly facing a tablet that offers us a fair power. Trust if not in the benchmarks:

  • GeekBench: 370 / 1360
  • PC Mark Work 3.0: 8442
  • 3DMark Slingshot: 1672

Something better is presented in the section on connectivity, where charging is done with a Realme UI top layer that one would expect to offer some input… but it hasn’t. It hardly offers customization options nor does it offer anything specific to take advantage of the fact that we have a large screen and use it somewhat differently from that of a mobile phone.

Realme Pad Mini Review  EuroXliveEspanol Screen Softeare

Not a wink or specific detail for tablets

East basic android and practically devoid of extras, it’s not exactly optimized either, so, to a null interface or options adapted for a tablet, we must add an evident lack of fluidity and quite a few errors attributable 100% to working with the operating system.

A battery at the level of the finish of the tablet

If we started this Realme Pad Mini review Praising the work of the brand in terms of design and finish in this tablet model, we are going to end it by providing another very positive point after our real test with the small tablet from the Asian manufacturer.

In autonomy, the Realme Pad Mini gives us just what we need with a tablet: forget that you have to charge it for a few days

We talk about the battery. His ability to 6400mAh coupled with the low resolution and brightness of the panel or the undemanding of the layer? of Realme on Android they achieve something also essential in the experience with a tablet: that we forget about its battery.

Realme Pad Mini Review  EuroXliveEspanol Charger

In our tests these weeks, with more occasional use, we only had to worry about charge it every 3 dayswith about 2-3 hours of varied use each day.

Charging is done at 18W with the charger that comes standard, and we have it 100% in less than two hours, another good news.

Realme Pad Mini, Xataka’s opinion and note

The idea behind a tablet with a screen of 8-9 inches, especially if it is with the great design of this Realme Pad Miniit is an excellent proposal

Couple it with a low price and you’re immediately tempted to start looking for one for those social media couch sessions, YouTube, some casual gaming, or Netflix nights in bed.

You can think of different configurations, with more or less connectivity… but what you will surely look for is a screen quality that makes you enjoy the consumption of content. And there this Realme Pad Mini is below expectations if you plan to be a regular user of the small tablet, something that, by the way, its good battery would allow you to do without a problem on that side.







In favor

  • Battery duration
  • Attractive and robust design


  • fair power
  • Low resolution screen
  • Software not optimized for tablet use

The phone has been loaned for testing by Realme. you can consult our company relations policy

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