Realme goes for the premium range and warns: without a periscopic camera, there is no flagship

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1703848759 840 560.jpeg

There is speculation about the arrival of the Realme GT5 to the global market


2023 is in the final stretch and, although mobile phones have been presented this week (the Huawei Nova 12), the industry has its sights set on the first weeks of 2024. And Xiaomi is expected to present the Redmi Note 13 in its global version on January 4, we have the Samsung Galaxy S24 just around the corner and at the Mobile World Congress we hope to see the Nothing Phone 2a.

However, there are more companies that are warming up and Realme has just published a very curious message on X: “without periscope, there is no flagship and everything indicates that it will be the launch of the Realme GT5 Pro in its global version.

A missile in the premium range

This year has been curious for several companies and, in particular, for two from the same group. OPPO did not launch its Find Realme GT3.

This was a notable absence, especially taking into account the quality of the Realme GT2 and that we did see other models, such as the Realme 11 Pro+. A few weeks ago, the company presented the Realme GT5 Pro in China and we asked ourselves again if he would leave China or not.

There is no response yet, but they have just published the following message from the account for India:


When they arrive in India, it is easier to make a global version and the message of “no periscope, no flagship” leads us to think that the Realme GT5 Pro, with a 2.7x optical periscope camera and 50 megapixel sensor, will come to the West.

It may also be a new model, since At some point we will have to welcome the Realme 12but for now, the company’s model that has periscopic telephoto is the Realme GT5 Pro.

We will be very attentive, as they themselves encourage us from their message in Whatever happens, we will tell you about it on Xataka Android.

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