realme announces the new version of realme UI 4.0 based on Android 13


realme has announced that it will launch its new software layer realm UI 4.0 during the global launch of the realme 10 Pro series. In addition, realme UI 4.0 will be available on the realme 10 series from March in Europe.

As one of the first operating systems based on the newly released Android 13realme UI 4.0 incorporates a number of key features of the new version of the operating system while improving four key areas: design, interaction, fluidity and security.

All the news of realme UI 4.0

realme has designed a new set of more intuitive app icons to make it easier to use. The new realme UI 4.0 interface adopts a card-like design grouping different segments of information.In addition, users can streamline the card-style control center to quickly retrieve key information. realme UI 4.0 also features the blooming wallpaper and clock with shadow reflection getting a more dynamic interface.

realme UI 4.0 has added some interesting features to ‘Always On Display’, such as the smart music AOD. For example, when the user is listening to their favorite songs on Spotify, they can view the music player even without unlocking the phone. If you double-tap the AOD, the music player automatically turns into an interactive panel where you can play, pause, or fast forward a song.

realme UI 4.0 employs Bitmoji, including various and personalized AOD emoji animations, and can display specific user behavior and status in the real world to bring more fun.

The new Dynamic Computing Engine increases overall performance and reduces system power consumption, providing users with a smooth and long-lasting experience. As a result, overall performance has been improved by 10%while the battery life during games has increased by 4.7%.

Apart from performance, realme has also wanted to perform animation improvements Powered by the latest Quantum Animation Engine 4.0, developed to provide a more intuitive experience when scrolling or switching between apps using your realme devices.In addition, with the smart function, users can access in one step to the applications in big folders on the home screen directly.

really improves responsive designs with new features, such as the new self-adaptive cascading content, single-sided navigation bar, and controls for greater visual and interactive consistency and full use of screen space.

Realme UI 4.0 includes a new privacy tool called Private Safe based on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which provides a wide range of privacy protection services.

Also, realme UI 4.0 has developed a new feature called ‘Auto Pixelate’with which users will have the option to auto-pixelize their personal information in the screenshots taken in some instant messaging applications such as Whatsapp and Messenger with a simple click, leaving aside any concern of revealing personal information.

realme Widget UI Co-creation project

really announced the project realme Widget UI Co-creation 2022, where the realme community and UI designers have the opportunity to create interactive and innovative designs for realme UI 4.0. The project has so far received more than 1,500 creative proposals from 15 countries around the world.

The adopted ideas will be announced at the next realme 10 Pro series launch event on December 8. In addition, the realme UI team will cooperate with the authors to design and implement new widgets in realme UI 4.0, so that all users in the world can experience the amazing ideas through OTA update.

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