Realme 10: Helio G99 and new design justify a generation change? 🇧🇷 Hands-on video


Launched in the second week of November, the realme 10 was the first smartphone from the Chinese new number line to reach the global market.

The device brings the new visual language of the family and only has a 4G connection, that is, something to make it the cheapest of its generation.

With that, we have here a smartphone for those who are on a tight budget and need to buy a new device before the end of the year, but don’t care much about the new 5G connection.

Without further ado, scroll down or, if you’re in a hurry, take a shortcut in the table of contents.

Hands-on Index
  • design and accessories
  • screen and hardware
  • Software
  • cameras
  • First impressions and price
design and accessories

Starting with the look, it is notable that the realme 10 is much more elegant than its predecessor, something that even disguises the fact that it is a low-cost smartphone.

It tries to follow the current design trend and this is evident when you notice that the sides are flattened and the camera array does not have a module, but two loose lenses at the top of the rear.

Even so, the realme 10 makes it clear that it is an affordable device when you notice that its construction is made of polycarbonate and that its display has a much thicker bottom edge than the others.

realme 10 has a USB-C and P2 port for headphones and its digital reader is located on the power button. The good news is that this sensor can be very agile to read the fingerprint.

In addition, the realme 10 is complete in terms of connections: it has a drawer for two SIM cards and a slot for a MicroSD card.

screen and hardware

The realme 10 was announced with a 6.4-inch AMOLED screen that has Full HD Plus resolution and supports 90 Hz refresh rate. The maximum brightness of this panel can reach up to 1000 nits outdoors.

In short, the display is good for watching movies and series, as well as playing any game you want. However, it must be said that realme 10 does not have a good set of audio.

As for the processor, the MediaTek Helio G99 works much better here in realme 10 than in other devices like the POCO M5, for example. But it must be remembered that in both cases we are talking about input devices.

So, don’t expect a lot of performance. The Helio G99 is a good chipset for typical tasks of a common user: surfing the web or social networks, using messengers, taking pictures and playing casual games.

The realme 10 battery also stands out for its capacity of 5,000 mAh and this guarantees a whole day away from the socket in intermediate use. When it’s time to recharge, you’ll be able to enjoy the speed of up to 33W offered by realme.

Finally, in terms of connectivity, despite not having 5G support, the realme 10 features dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.1.

  • 6.4-inch AMOLED display with FHD+ resolution
  • Display with hole and rate of 90 Hz
  • Platform MediaTek Helio G99
  • 4 GB or 8 GB of RAM
  • 128 GB of internal storage
  • Expandable memory with MicroSD card
  • 16 MP front camera
  • Dual rear cameras with 50 MP and 2 MP main lens (B&W)
  • 4G connection, dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.1, P2 port
  • 5,000 mAh battery with 33W charging
  • Android 12 running under realme UI 3.0

In the software department, here we have the realme UI 3.0 that runs under Android 12. The software is in the September security patch and Android 13 is already guaranteed on this model.

As for the interface itself, it’s much cleaner than what you’ll find on devices from other manufacturers and features some proprietary realme tweaks that are useful.

The realme UI of realme 10 also allows you to expand the smartphone’s RAM by another 8 GB virtually. In practice, this device reaches 16 GB of RAM, but it is clear that it is still not as good an experience as having 16 GB of RAM native.

In short, the realme UI has always been “nice”. She is good and manages to exploit the hardware well. All this without disturbing the user’s life.


The main sensor of realme 10 is the 50 MP Samsung JN1 and the secondary one is only 2 MP, working in black and white. That is, basically this is a single-camera smartphone.

Anyway, the main camera delivers good pictures in that perfect scenario for most smartphones: outdoors and with good natural lighting.

The software even brings an algorithm to force an improvement in the contrast and sharpness of the images, something that even helps in some scenarios.

Now, what really stood out in realme 10 is its ability to take good night shots in some scenarios, even with considerably modest hardware.

This shows that realme’s algorithm is evolving well with the passage of time. In the selfies part, we have ok photos with the 16 MP camera.

However, if you are going to record any video here, we have bad news: the records are bad due to the lack of optical or even electronic stabilization.

The realme 10 can record Full HD videos at 60 or 30 fps, but the records are not good. Perhaps in future generations, realme will be able to improve this aspect.

First impressions and price

With no launch forecast in Europe and costing the equivalent of R$ 1,500 in Europe, realme 10 brings a good set for those on a tight budget in 2022.

Especially at a time when everything is going up with high global inflation, but it must be said that realme 10 is in essence its predecessor with a new processor.

Of course, the addition of a new look makes this device much more flashy in 2022, but the performance is similar. In addition, realme 10 lost the ultrawide camera that it had in its predecessor.

Here it was missing, since the black and white lens is an addition that does not add up to much. I also need to mention that the realme 10 no longer has the fingerprint reader under the display and that it even had an integrated heart rate sensor.

In any case, the realme 10 is indeed a good smartphone within its category. In addition to the more attractive design, the software is well calibrated, we have a battery that lasts all day and the price out there is interesting. But of course if realme 9 is more accessible, it’s still worth picking up.

Now, when and for how much realme 10 will hit the Europeian market, this is something that only the manufacturer can say. We hope she doesn’t take too long to give us this answer.

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