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RealityScanCreate 3D models on iPhone and iPad with this Epic Games App

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Epic Games returns to the App Store. But this time he does not do it with a video game and neither with Fortnite. We are talking about an application that has been in beta for a long time, months, and from the beginning we were already waiting for the final version. It is an application capable of convert everything that is photographed into 3D. RealityScan, it’s already a reality.

With RealityScan, we can already scan objects and convert them into 3D models

Epic Games announced at the beginning of the year that it was preparing a new application intended to be used on iPhone and iPad. It was not a video game nor did it have anything to do with this world. His intention was to create an application with the ability to scan objects and make their 3D replica. This is how the RealityScan beta was born.

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Since its beta phase, the application promised a lot and users have been following its trajectory to see when it could finally come true. that time has come and expectations have been met. Since the application has been developed by a specialized company in photogrammetry solutions acquired by Epic Games in 2021. In this way, anyone without advanced knowledge in the field can create a 3D model of any object without the need for hours in front of complex and expensive software.

It’s as easy as taking a few images of the object you want to scan. Of course, you must follow the instructions to the letter so that there are no failures or errors. Afterwards, you only have to trust the application that will do the rest of the work. Just a piece of advice, and you know what they say about advice… if you want the final result to be optimal, make sure you have at least 20 shots of the subject at different angles in good lighting conditions and a clean background. It may seem heavy, but I already tell you that, until now, the work was much greater.

Once the capture is complete, the 3D object can be exported and uploaded to the popular platform for this type of content, Sketchfab. The options you have with these creations are multiple, but the most incredible is being able to convert these objects into augmented reality or add them to games with Unreal Engine.

Available in the App Store of free form.

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