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realityOS is referenced in open source before the release of Apple AR

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Everything seems to indicate that Apple itself continues to develop everything related to the Apple AR/VR Headset, which has not yet been announced but could arrive this year and now more likely with the reference to realityOS.

There are still multiple rumors about this innovative device. However, there is some evidence that it exists and it is getting closer, including from Apple. The open source code delivered by the company itself makes clear reference to the new “realityOS”.

realityOS, the system that will run the Apple AR/VR headset

According to what you shared Aaron’s Twitter profilethe Cupertino company updated the source code available to GitHub developers. It is particular that the latest open source code mentions “realityOS” and “Reality Simulator”, in addition to other platforms that already exist such as iOS, macOS and watchOS.

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The well-known medium 9to5Mac reiterates the cases in which realityOS, Reality Simulator and “Wolf” are mentioned, which is the code name used by Apple in the open source code.

In case you are not aware, realityOS is probably the name of the operating system that Apple AR will include. This name had already been mentioned before in an App Store record. The company was even discovered in the realityOS trademark filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office from 2021.

Although, Bloomberg media highlighted that Apple had chosen the name “xrOS” for the Apple AR/VR headset platform. The name would be a short title of “extended reality” and it would be quite logical due to the implementation of AR and VR. Apple registered other brand names such as “Reality One”, “Reality Pro” and “Reality Processor”.

Some other Apple AR/VR rumors

The first released model of the Apple AR Headset could be announced for WWDC 2023, next June. To then reach sale in the market until the end of the same year. The device will integrate two high-resolution microOLED screens for the right and left eyes, as well as multiple added cameras with sensors for hand and vision tracking. Finally powered by the M2 processor.

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This first model will have superior quality components, so the price would also be quite high, reaching around $3,000. However, the company plans to release a different version with reduced prices. The medium The Information He indicated that Apple plans to cut the price in half, staying at about $1,500.

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