realityOS: All about AR/VR headset software


It is already well known in the Apple community that it continues to work hard on an AR/VR mixed reality headset that will probably reach all users in less than a year, integrating the so-called realityOS. According to the new hardware, this will add totally new software that Apple is putting efforts into the operating system for the headset. Another code name is under the name of rOS.

Below you will find everything related to the realityOS operating system that you can find in the AR / VR headset so far.


Apple continues to make an effort to continue with the software that will include the AR / VR headset, continuing with it since 2017. According to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, Apple maintains it under the name of realityOS or rOS. This would be an addition to the presumed name of the headset, which would apparently be Reality One or Reality Pro.

Meanwhile, the internal name of realityOS is handled under “Oak”, of which there are already references in the App Store records, as well as the source code that showed the name it will have.

realityOS goals

Everything seems to indicate that the headset is designed to focus on games, as well as streaming video content and communications, as well as interaction with other contacts through calls. Basically, these will be the essential functions that Gurman indicates as a “comprehensive 3D environment” mainly intended for games and media.


According to multiple reports, FaceTime will take an important part in the device’s functions in terms of communication that will be added by realityOS. Features such as SharePlay and Memojis/Animojis will be integrated.

SharePlay will allow users to view TV shows and movies. While Memoji and Animoji through virtual avatars. The headset is also expected to support facial expression detection to work alongside Animoji and Memoji on the iPhone and iPad. All thanks to the multiple cameras that the headset is expected to have.


Of the main applications of Apple like Messages. These can be used on the AR/VR headset along with FaceTime. However, there is also not enough information regarding the functions that it will provide with rOS. There is a rumor that Apple is in the process of developing a new specially created Messages app for chat rooms, along with new video calls and more.


The Maps app will also be on the headset, although there isn’t enough information about what Maps would add to this device. One possible feature would be the ability to look around and hit landmarks, giving you the ability to explore anywhere in the world.


Games will be an essential part of how realityOS works, just as it has power on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. In this way, the AR/VR headset would also have the power to support games. Now there is a possibility that Apple Arcade would extend the range of games to AR / VR.

App Store on realityOS

Each device covered by Apple has its own App Store with its own features and app support. In the same way, everything seems to indicate that realityOS would give the same support to the App Store.

streaming video content

At a time when streaming services are so important, Apple is also in the process of implementing a video service for the headset, adding 3D content to view in virtual reality. It is said that the company also receives help from other services to add new content in VR.

Possible date for realityOS

At the moment it is only believed that the headset will arrive sometime in the following year, thinking mainly of the first half of the year. Likewise, there will be the time for the first version of realityOS. It is expected to be in June during the Worldwide Developers Conference. Although it could also happen a bit earlier.