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Razer also bets on a portable console for local and cloud-based games

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The segment of so-called gaming-oriented handheld computers, which we can understand more familiarly as portable gaming consoles, continues to grow and continue to advance in performance.

To the different initiatives that have been reaching the main crowdfunding platforms, Logitech’s proposal was recently added, the new Cloud Gaming Handheld, which, based on Android as the operating system, allows you to play local games and also games transmitted from the Internet. cloud from a number of companies.

It will become the most powerful and complete option in its segment

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At the time we commented that it lacked support for mobile data, having to settle for a WiFi network to access the Internet. Well, from Razer they want to go further, and that is that on October 15 they will reveal all the details of what will be their own gaming handheld solution compatible with local games and games from the cloud, where one of the highlights is the support for 5G connectivity.

A preview took place last night at the celebration of the Mobile World Congress Las Vegas, the most relevant connectivity event in the United States, where Verizon officials, among many other announcements, already advanced in their inaugural speech that this new device for local and cloud gaming is being developed in collaboration with Razer and Qualcomm, based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 mobile platform, so it is likely that 5G connectivity can be accompanied by other advanced connectivity options , higher refresh rate on the screen, and who knows what else will surprise.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 platform is a platform developed specifically for mobile gaming devices, and was already integrated into a prototype console for developers, which is characterized by its spectacular 6.65-inch FullHD OLED screen and with a refresh rate of 120Hz and that in general has a system of controls and buttons similar to those seen in the latest from Logitech or also quite familiar to what we also find in the popular Nintendo Switch.

At the moment, as we say, the specifications of this new device that Razer will present in a few weeks are unknown, but also It will be oriented to playing local games and games based on the cloud, and family management, as the preview video shared last night at the event suggests.

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Hopefully it can have good specifications, some of which can already be intuited, and also arrive at a reasonable enough price so that it can be available to a greater number of users.

The date, as we say, is October 15, as part of the RazerCom 2022 celebration, so it is more than possible that other new gaming-oriented devices and accessories will also be presented at this event.

Image: RazerCom 2022 Announcement Video Capture

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