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Raspi craft project: Listen to records via Sonos

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With a current record player and a Raspberry Pi, existing multiroom speaker systems such as Sonos can be fed – without an extra hi-fi amplifier.

PreviouslyTM there was a hi-fi system with a record player in every (living) room. Today, the music system is often reduced to loudspeakers with a WLAN streaming function, such as those from sonos or from IKEA (also puts Sonos in it). Spotify, Tidal and the likes to stream about it. For reasons, the retro wave has been sloshing through my household for some time now and I now have a record player from dual (DT210) with USB and audio outputs in the study.

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Thanks to the integrated RIAA equalizer preamp, you can connect the turntable directly to active speakers or a soundbar. However, I only have a pair of sonos-compatible Ikea WLAN boxes in the room, which unfortunately are not suitable for playing because they have no audio input. With a Raspberry Pi, however, the record player can easily be made Sonos-compatible so that you can still listen to records via the speakers. Since I had everything ready, the project cost me exactly 0 euros, if you have to buy all the parts and turntables first, it comes to around 400 euros.

In addition to the Pi, we need two other (free) ingredients that are actually used to operate Internet radio stations: A streaming server from which clients (audio players) can download the audio data in MP3 format (or even Ogg Vorbis) via the transmission protocol http pick up and play. The free server is ideal for this icecast (in version 2) on.

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