Raspberry Pi launches operating system with new features and small corrections

raspberry pi launches operating system with new features and small.jpg
raspberry pi launches operating system with new features and small.jpg

Raspberry OS

The Raspberry Pi operating system is updated with different new features, including the fact that it already works right now with Linux 6.6 LTS And not only this, but some small corrections that were in the previous version of the software for these small computers are added.

In addition to corrections, there are different new features that, although they may go completely unnoticed at first, the truth is that they present a series of adjustments that are really significant for many users. Among the changes is the new Linux 6.6 series kernel that will be supported in the long term, with a series of updated components and various improvements.

This is Raspberry Pi OS 5.2

The Raspberry Pi developers have already updated their OS based, in this case, on Debian 12. So it is still based on the latest Debian GNU/Linux 12 ‘Bookworm’ series of systems, although it now runs on the Linux 6.6 LTS kernel. as we mentioned previously. So, without a doubt, it is considered an important novelty, taking into account that the Linux 6.1 kernel came before it. Furthermore, it must be clear that, for example, this latest version is already available together with Chromium 122 and Mozilla Firefox 123 optionally. And it also brings the latest Orca 45 screen reader.

Raspberry Pi



In this new operating system it already offers better support for the last SBC Raspberry Pi 5. In this way, for example, the power button has been optimized. Just as new settings are released, such as the Display Settings resolution, while the monitorless (also known as headless) resolution setting for Wayland has been removed from the Raspberry Pi settings.

More news in the new system

On the other hand, compatibility with alternative window managers has also been improved and, not only this, but it has also been improved the dark theme. In this case, a previous version has been added to ensure correct display of some widgets that, until now, could not be seen well.

In addition to this, access to the Bluetooth and Internet menus has also been accelerated. Just as there are other new features for remote control using VNC or changing resolution without a monitor. As for VNC, it should be mentioned that its compatibility with various VNC clients is improved and, in addition, it can be controlled by systemd.

Raspberry Pi

Likewise, it also debuts with this new Raspberry Pi OS 5.2 conventional windows that replace the pop-up windows on the taskbar. Not to mention that the sound icon in the bar is now hidden by default if no audio devices are connected.

Although there are not only different new features, like the ones we have been mentioning, with this new version there are also corrections, although they are less visible. For example, this new update prevents file manager confirmation dialog boxes from overlapping or even prevents memory leaks in the volume or Bluetooth menus. Finally, the GPU loading problem that was not reporting correctly in the task manager.



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