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    Ransomware attack kills newborn baby

    1633540980 bebe ataque ransomware muerte 1.jpg
    1633540980 bebe ataque ransomware muerte 1.jpg

    The Wall Street Journal reports the lawsuit of Teiranni Kidd, mother of a baby who died in almost unprecedented conditions at the judicial level, against Springhill Medical Center, in Alabama, United States. The case occurred in July 2019, but it is until now that it is reaching the courts.

    Kidd had a delivery scheduled for that month, her daughter was born that day. However, his umbilical cord had wrapped around his neck, causing him to have breathing difficulties that complicated his short life. 9 months later the baby would die.

    An attack with consequences

    The problem appears when the mother learns that during her delivery the Medical Center had suffered a ransomware attack that had left them unable to access very useful tools. One of these tools allows doctors to detect the heartbeat of a pregnant baby, if they could have used it they would have realized that something was wrong.

    In this way, the ransomware attack prevented what would happen to the baby was foreseen and another method was used to save it, such as a cesarean section. The mother has then sued both the Medical Center and the obstetrician who treated her.

    A ransomware attack involves the theft of data and the subsequent request for a ransom to “free” it. The managers of this hospital decided not to pay or report the case, which left them limited in terms of functionalities, TWJ reports that they could not even keep a basic record of the patients.

    By hiding this from the public, they were exposed to an unexpected danger and in this case paid by the Kidd family who lost a daughter because of the conditions in which the hospital was obtained. The report does not mention those responsible for the attack and focuses on the mother’s demand for financial compensation from the hospital, they have refused so they will go to trial.

    The lawsuit is for medical negligence and social irresponsibility, so over time we will see who is right by justice.