Rain of news on WhatsApp: you will like one if you use the groups

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In the last times, Meta is getting the batteries with WhatsApp, which was running quite poor in features compared to competitors like Telegram. Thanks to the new version of its beta, we can anticipate several of these new features that will soon be available to all users.

WhatsApp beta users are already testing a couple of big news for the messaging application, one being especially relevant for those who are group administrators and the other more focused on WhatsApp States.

Admins will delete messages

One of the main focuses that WhatsApp is having in recent times is to give greater power of moderation to the administrators of the groups, which they are for a reason.

delete whatsapp group messages

Beyond adding or removing participants, there was little the group administrators could do about the messages that were subsequently shared. WhatsApp beta users are already testing a new functionality that will allow the group administrator can directly delete a message from a participantwhatever the reason you want to do it.

This feature was previously enabled for a small group of users of the trial version of the program, but the number of testersand even appears in some stable versions of the applicationwhich would give an idea that its general arrival is near and that group administrators in non-beta versions can also delete messages for everyone.

With this functionality, the administrator will be able to leave a message and a text of «remove for all» will appear, causing the message to disappear. The only possible drawback, as the warning about the use of this feature says, is that the rest of the participants will see a trace that a message was deleted by an administrator, so they might want to know what it said or the reason why it was deleted. erased

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New WhatsApp States

Meta is also giving a review of the way in which the States are presentedto try to achieve the same success that Instagram Stories have.

How to know who sees your WhatsApp statuses

To try to make things easier for those who want to check the status of their contacts, as we anticipated a few weeks ago, a new way of quickly accessing these publications that last 24 hours will be added.

It will no longer be necessary to access the main menu tab dedicated to this feature, but there will be an indicator within the chat list which will mark which of your contacts has a new Status.

If you don’t like seeing them within the chat list or don’t even use Status updates, you can mute Status updates from the status tab so they no longer appear in the chat list.

As in the previous case, the test of the function is being extended, so we could soon have them for all users.