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Racist push messages on Apple News: US magazine takes website offline

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Fast Company’s CMS was hacked, followed by two racist push notifications to millions of smartphones. The US magazine reacted drastically.


The US business magazine Fast Company has taken its entire website offline. As a reason, the company announced on Twitter that its in-house content management system (CMS) had been hacked. Racist notifications had previously been sent from the magazine’s account via the Apple News service. Apple then blocked the account and also spoke of a hack. Until then, some had suspected that Apple News itself had been hacked.

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Fast Company is currently investigating the situation and has suspended the news feed and homepage until further notice. A first hack that took place over the weekend is now “obviously” related to the second. According to the company, it was already the target of a successful hacker attack on Sunday. After that, racist statements appeared on their own homepage, after which it was taken offline for about two hours.

The CMS was then broken into on Tuesday evening, and as a result “two obscene and racist push notifications were sent to our followers on Apple News”. The messages are “disgusting” and “not consistent with Fast Company’s content and ethos.” According to screenshots, the short text began with a racist term for black people.


Fast Company publishes a bi-monthly business magazine. Apple News is an offer from Apple that brings together content from various media in one app. The offer, which has existed since 2015, is currently only available in the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Australia.

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