Quantic Dream: Heavy Rain studio is being bought by NetEase

Quantic Dream: Heavy Rain studio is being bought by NetEase
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The studios “pass or pass” season appears to be open again. Since last year, we’ve seen colossal changes in the video game industry, with companies like Microsoft acquiring Activision Blizzard, Sony with Bungie and part of FromSoftware, Embracer Group with Square Enix’s western division, Take Two with Zynga and there you go.

This week, yet another major studio announced that it is being purchased. Quantic Dream, responsible for franchises such as Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, Detroit: Become Human and the upcoming Star Wars Eclipse, announced this week that it will be sold to NetEase, China’s second-largest technology company.

In a press release published by NetEase, it was revealed that Quantic Deam, a Parisian studio, is being acquired for an undisclosed amount, but the studio will continue to operate independently after the deal is finalized.

This is the first European studio acquired by NetEase, marking another step in the expansion of the Chinese company.

The revelation about the acquisition follows the news about Quantic Dream’s toxic and abusive work environment, with hundreds of reports from developers who have previously worked at the studio, in addition to recent news that the studio was having a hard time attracting new talent to work with. in Star Wars Eclipse, making it impossible to release the game before 2027.

We are excited to embark on an exciting new stage of growth with Quantic Dream, bound by our shared vision, mutual trust and respect.

NetEase will continue to deliver on our promise to support Quantic Dream to reach its full potential.

By combining Quantic Dream’s wild creativity and exceptional storytelling focus with NetEase’s powerful facilities, features and execution capabilities, we believe there are endless possibilities that can redefine the interactive entertainment experience we offer gamers around the world.

William DingCEO and Director of NetEace

Earlier this month, Capcom veteran Hiroyuki Kobayashi, who began his career as a programmer on the original Resident Evil before producing the Dino Crisis series, revealed that he had left Capcom to join NetEase.

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Toshihiro Nagoshi, creator of the Yakuza series, also joined the company, founding Nagoshi Studio.

So, will things get any better at Quantic Dream?